British Fly Fishing International (BFFI) Part 1 of 4

The intention was to make a short video about the BFFI with a section from the retailers and Fly Fishing service providers. As well as this I wanted to showcase some of the amazing tiers that populate Fly Tiers Row. I went with an idea in my head of what I wanted to achieve but underestimated how difficult it would be. Its not a natural thing to speak in front of a camera and I know that I will need more practice. The sound is a huge problem and I only had one lapel mic, which is not ideal. Unfortunately the kit is not cheap. I am encouraged though and if I can talk other into taking part next year I will do better. I did manage to get a tone of footage though and have decided to break it down into four parts. In this first part its day one and I am going to concentrate on service providers and retailers. Many thanks to
Ben Bangham,
Kevin Porteous ,
Ben Worley
Russell Owen.