Bling Midge | Fly Tying Tutorial

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady ties the Bling Midge!

Simple but deadly! The Bling Midge is a pattern that won’t be a time suck at the bench but will be sure to put fish in the net. The version shown in this video is tied on an elongated red Umpqua U203, (compared to the Tiemco 200R). This creates a deadly midge larva imitation that really pops! Fish this pattern deep in your nymph rig as an attractor or in more lifelike colors to match the hatch. If you are preparing for the winter midge season fill your box with the Bling Midge and get hooked up!

Hook- Umpqua U203 RED:
Thread – UTC 70 Denier Red / Veevus 16/0 Black:
Flash – Pearlescent Tinsel Medium:
UV Finish – Solarz Thin Hard:

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