Backstabber Fly Tying Tutorial

This simple fly pattern is a great summer pattern imitating a shrimp or crawdad, or if tied in olive it could even resemble a clump of grass for those picky carp. Regrading carp, this pattern is one of the most effective carp patterns I’ve ever used. It’s not just a carp pattern though, I’ve fooled a host of smallmouth bass, and other species on these little guys.

I tie them a little bit different than the original pattern and utilize a newer material, the Shrimp and Cray Tail. I like these instead of the traditional barbell eyes. These tails give a better profile and are a lot easier to tie on the hook if you have a lot of problems with barbell eyes!

Tie them in whatever colors you like. I’ve used them in everything from blaze orange, to purple (though purple wasn’t all that effective on my waters). My favorite colors are: sand, reddish brown, olive, and orange.