Andranangoo – Goose Creek

Set on the Tiwi Islands in Northern Australia and featuring Shannon Kitchener and Jacob Parmigiani, the film explores the amazing fly fishing on Goose Creek (Andranangoo) for the legendary barramundi and saratoga. It also sheds some light on an exciting project which is giving the Indigenous youth of the island an opportunity to pursue their passions.

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In 2009, Matthew Hayden and Guy Reynolds decided to put something back into the Tiwi Islands, a place that had given them so much enjoyment in the past. What started as a very small project, designed to assist the Tiwi College’s sports program has morphed over the last nine years into something substantial – The Tiwi Garden Project. Led by Project Manager, Jason Ryan, it has produced Australia’s largest sustainable Indigenous garden and it is giving the Tiwi children options. Options for sustained healthy eating, fresh water, consistent mentoring and diverse career opportunities including a Junior Guide Program designed to give local kids work experience at the Tiwi Island fishing lodges. All powered by donations and input from Australian businesses and individuals. Over the course, Guy & Haydos have raised $3.5 million dollars!

The Tiwi garden project now supports a national program helping indigenous students around coastal Australia to become professional anglers and guides. It currently has 15 junior indigenous staff as of June 2018, and looks to double that number within 24 months.