4 Weeks Of Daylight – The Scouting Of The Lumbovka & Kachkovka

“We’ve fished all of the Kola and recognize that the location and all the preliminary information
is incredibly provocative and that the Lumbovka and Kachkovka may be the most important
fisheries to emerge on the Atlantic Salmon scene in recent years.” Mike Michalak – The Fly

The Kola Reserve has recently gathered a cadre of professional fly fishing pioneers led by
Stephan Dombaj of Fly Fishing Nation on a mission to determine whether rumours of the
existence of two phenomenal, lost and completely private Atlantic Salmon fisheries on the
northern coast of the Kola Peninsula in Russia were true. Adding to the intrigue and
speculation was the fact that both rivers flow north into the Barents Sea at a point only slightly
southeast of the trophy-laden Yokanga and to the northwest of the prolific Ponoi. They are
dead-center in the heart of a region famous for trophy-sized Atlantic salmon, numbers of grilse,
and large Osenka (fall run) Atlantics. The rivers are completely private and have been
designated catch-and-release, fly fishing only fisheries that will remain shielded from poaching,
commercial harvest, and exploitation.

Members of the exploratory team of anglers stayed on for the next months, filing daily reports
on their successes and recording the entire, incredible experience on film. They were joined
occasionally by members of the family, owners of the Kola Reserve, who were active
participants in the angling survey. The Kola Reserve was purchased by the family in 2018.
Both drainages and fisheries have been set aside in perpetuity with the goal of preserving and
protecting this part of Russia’s pristine, untouched wilderness while adding to some of the best
fishing for Atlantic salmon found in the world.

Join the exploration team to the Kola Peninsula and get a glimpse of the secret of their craft
and a first inside look of the Lumbovka and Kachkovka rivers in this 17minute version
exclusively edited for the Fly Fishing Film Festivals. A full length featured film will air in spring

Scouts: Stephan Dombaj, Paulo Hoffmann, Alexander Keus, Tobias Park, Erik Nerland, Matt
Harris, Justin Miller
Special Guests: Jasper Pääkkönen, Yvon Chouinard,
Location: Kola Reserve – Kola Peninsula – Russia (www.kola-reserve.com)
Director of Photography: Gregory Hegel
Edited by: Gregory Hegel Music by: The Heavy Eyes (These Men Are Wolfs, One Hand On
The Buffalo)
Produced by Fly Fishing Nation Media in Cooperation with Kola Reserve
Ex.Producer: Stephan Dombaj Special
Thanks to: Loop Tackle Design, The Fly Shop, ADH Fishing, Ahrex Hooks, Frödin Flies, FStop