11 Streamer flies

We are going down under the surface in rivers and lakes, to watch a bunch of streamer flies from the fish’s perspective. This underwater footage is filmed over a period of several years in different environments from fast flowing clearwater spring creeks, over slow flowing rivers to lakes of different clarity.

Most of the flies in this film are also featured in tying sbs films on my YouTube channel. You can find them on these links:
Bacon Snack: youtu.be/8RxddjmDNuk
Nightwatchman: youtu.be/QEC8g8Q6S9k
Gartside’s Soft Hackle Streamer: youtu.be/8YQyOnXrBjQ
Chartreuse Zonker: youtu.be/SQi79bK8T98
Egg Sucking Bunny Leech: youtu.be/M8yMcOxh9Ms
Orange Rubber Legged Bunny: youtu.be/hheYxZLXrkA
Chartreuse Sneaker: youtu.be/zRZidKw127s
Lefty’s Deceiver: youtu.be/hxv0WsO0kh8
Fuzzy Bugger: youtu.be/FZluzvcWbpo

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