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Channel Giveaway, The Draw!

It has taken no small amount of time and effort but with your help I finally managed to tip the 10k Subscriber mark. To celebrate the occasion I reached out to my longtime supporters at Wychwood who have kindly donated an amazing prize! A Wychwood RS2 9′ 6″ for a 6Wgt and a Truefly SLA […]


PIRARUCU trailer

A few months ago, with our buddy Helmut Zaderer – flyfish adventures and Jako Lucas, we were lucky enough to travel to the Amazon jungle, where we shot a cool mini-documentary about fishing for giant arapaima on the fly. The film was selected for the RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival and soon will be screened […]


Polish Woven Nymph

Polish woven nymph is a variation on polish traditional flies. I changed method of weaving and i added tungsten bead. Which, truth to be told is now common amongst Polish tiers. It’s effectiveness lies in relatively smooth body-lack of hairs and compact weight. Lot of them are tied with lead under body. On the top […]


Fly Tying a Gravel Gertie (Maine Streamer Pattern)

Created by Bill Covey of Farmington, ME sometime in the 1950-60s, the Gravel Gertie was once a fairly popular Maine pattern but has somewhat fallen into obscurity the last few decades. Hook: #6-8 extra long streamer Thread: Black Tail: Orange wool yarn Body: Chenille, black and white bands Throat: Pink wool or calftail Wing: Fox […]


White USD Shrimp

Here are some of my favorite tools and materials that i use every day and would recommend: My Favorite HOOKS (Ahrex): Trout Predator (TP610): amzn.to/3tsqLmg Curved Gammarus (NS 172): amzn.to/3raQnBe Curved Shrimp (NS 150): amzn.to/3FwLaIV Light Stinger (NS 122): amzn.to/3FszVRK Saltwater Streamer (SA 220): amzn.to/3qoLDJ6 Saltwater Minnow (SA 280): amzn.to/3trU7kn GLUE AND RESIN: The BEST […]


Little Blue Heron Fly

Detailed instructions for tying a Little Blue Heron tube fly. Subscribe to all our videos: www.youtube.com/user/tightlinevideo Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tightline-Productions-313234707736/ Visit our website: www.tightlinevideo.com @The New Fly Fisher @jensenflyfishing @Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing #flyfishing #trout #flytying The New Fly Fisher dry fly fishing in NH: youtu.be/0LoBByvyxUM Late Winter Nymphing Tactics with the Jensens: […]


How to tie Pav’s Pupae | AvidMax Fly Tying Tuesday Tutorials

Pav’s Pupae Blog-Post & Recipe: How to tie Pav’s Pupae Pav’s Pupae Ingredients List: Hook – Daiichi 1270 www.avidmax.com/daiichi-1270-3xl-curved-shank-hook/ Thread – Semperfli Nano Silk Beige www.avidmax.com/semperfli-nano-silk/ Rib – Life Flex Brown www.avidmax.com/hareline-life-flex/ Dubbing – Kapok www.avidmax.com/semperfli-kapok-dry-fly-dubbing/ Gills – CDC Puff Natural Dun www.avidmax.com/wapsi-c-d-c-puffs/ Music: Otis McDonald – Truckee Dylan Sitts – Maintaining In this week’s […]


Fly Tying the Grubby Gert (Gaines' Panfish Pattern)

Originally tied and sold in the 1970s by the Gaines Company, the Grubby Gert came in Yellow, White, Black and Green. Of course, this slow-sinking panfish fly could be tied in any number of color combinations. Hook: #8-12 standard Thread: Black, or to match the body Tail: Calftail Body: Chenille Wing: Calftail, tied spent If […]


France Fly Orange – Euro style Jig

This is a variation on the competition style France Fly. Hook: size 16 jig hook Bead: 2.4 slotted tungsten silver Thread: 16/0 Sheer in Chestnut Tail: Whiting CdL fibers 2 or 3. Body: beading cord orange Collar: ice dub peacock cut small The basic idea is what is key. You can mix up hook sizes, […]