The Ultimate Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Gear List – Rods, Reels, Fly Lines, Waterproof Bags, Resources


I’ve been getting some questions about the need for a winter steelhead fly fishing gear list for the upcoming Olympic Peninsula Steelhead Trip.

I’ll breakdown the basics today so we can assure you have the major items given rain, cold, sun, sleet, hail or any and all of the above.  Because it is February in the Pacific Northwest, we prepare for any condition.

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I.  Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Gear List

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Fly Rod – Two Handed #8-9 – [our recommendation] Fly Line – Two Skagit heads – One standard and the other a dual or triple density line. Sink Tips – Various tips from 3.9 inches per second to 11 inches per second. Lengths 7.5 feet to 15 feet Fly Rod – Single Handed #8 if needed – 9 to 9.5 foot #8 with matching dry line Reel – Large Arbor Tippet/Leader Hook file vest/pack Polarized glasses  Flies and Boxes [our recommendation] Waders (Not Included for OP Trip) Boots with Studs (Not Included for OP Trip) Fishing License (You must purchase prior to the Trip)

(please note that if you are going on the Olympic Peninsula trip, waders and boots are the two fishing gear items that are not provided for this year)

II. Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Apparel List

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Wool Socks Base Layer (bottoms) Fleece Pants Shorts (Optional)  Base Layer (Tops) Base Layer T Shirt Hoodie Fleece Vest or Coat Raincoat or Shell Stocking Cap Hat with Brim Wool Gloves Down Jacket

III. Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Extra List

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Snacks Guide Book/Maps GPS or App Wading Staff Water Bottle Dry Bag/Pack Aquaseal/Duct Tape Water proof phone case camera/phone Head Lamp Knife Net

IV.  Popular Podcasts Episodes for Winter Steelhead

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