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Fly Tying a Smashed Caddis

Pretty much an X-caddis with the wing smashed to imitate a spent caddis. And this easy-to-tie fly pattern is close enough to work as a mayfly spinner as well. Hook: #12-18 dry fly Thread: Brown Shuck: Z-Lon fibers Body: Olive brown dry fly dubbing Wing: Deer hair If you would like to support Savage Flies’ […]


Fly Fishing Grasshoppers for Big Brown Trout

Peak summer conditions are universally tough on trout. Low water at the same time as peak summer heat settles in means water temperatures are higher when flows are lowest. Of course, this coincides with some of the best dry fly action of the year as big grasshopper infestations often plague the fields along the edges […]


Quill Mayfly Nymph

Another proven pattern that works when many other flies aren’t. This one is also for the giveaway box… so stay tuned as i fill the box slowly… relatively soon i will give it away…


Flashy Snelda

In 2021, the Danish salmon fisherman Tobias Park has spent more than half of the salmon season’s 180 days in waders along the Danish salmon stream Skjern Å. The many hours with the fly rod have given food for thought and a new view of flies for Danish salmon. His interpretation of salmon flies has […]


Update uge 46 Minflue – Sæson afslutning.

Update fra butikken og fiskevandet, uge 46 Ugens tilbud minflue.dk/webshop?catalogue_selected=852770_76191 Fluebindingskursus minflue.dk/webshop?catalogue_selected=852254_76191 Husk du kan shoppe materialer – grej – mm på min webshop www.minflue.dk – skal jeg binde nogle fluer til dig, så bare kontakt på mvotborg@gmail.com Har du spørgsmål, brug for inspiration – så tag et kig her minflue.dk/ www.instagram.com/martin_votborg/?hl=da www.facebook.com/minflue/ #minflue


Thanksgiving Streamer

A kind of crazy, but fun-to-tie pattern for Thanksgiving 2021. Leave a comment with what you think we should name this pattern and we’ll pick the most fun and original one this weekend (and send the winner a $50 gift card to J. Stockard.) Hook: #4-8 streamer Thread: Brown Weight: sure, whatever. If you want […]


Kate McLaren Dabbler

Materials Used; Hook, Fulling Mill Competition Heavyweight size 12 Thread, Uni-8/0 Black Tail, Golden Pheasant Crest Rib, Small Oval Tinsel Body, Black SLF or Seals Fur Body, Hackle Black Cock Throat, Bronze Mallard Fibres Wing, Bronze Mallard Front Hackle, Natural Brown Cock or Hen


Lime Green Trude Dry Fly

A simple variation of the original Trude style dry fly, and some notes from the 2021 International Fly Tying Symposium. Hook: #10-16 dry fly Thread: Gray (or any color) Tail: Golden pheasant tippets Body: Light green dubbing Wing: White calf tail Hackle: Brown If you would like to support Savage Flies’ mission of giving back […]


Albino Pattegris

We have presented the famous shrimpfly for coastal fishing – the Pattegris earlier on our Youtube channel, but this time the danish guide, flyfisher and -tyer Jesper Lindquist Andersen will demonstrate his version for winter-fishing when the water gets cold. The combination of the lively white spey-hackles and the fluoro pink eyes makes this a […]


Hen Hackle Dry (Greenwells)

Materials Used; Hook, Fulling Mill All-Purpose Medium size 14. Thread, Uni-8/0 Olive Dun Tail, Furnace Cock Hackle Fibres Rib, XSmall Gold Wire Body, Thread Used to tye the Fly Hackle, Whiting Hen Cape Furnace Wing, Grey Mallard Quill


Pheasant Tail Midge

Materials List Hook 16-18 ,, Thread Camel 8/0 ,, Body Pheasant Tail ( Olive & Natural ) Peacock Herl for Shoulders ,, Breather No16 Glo-Brite


How to tie an effective Winter Mini Lure for Fly Fishing

Hook – Hanak H200 BL #10 Thread – Semperfli Nano Silk 50D White Rib – Gel Core Micro Fritz Green Body – Mirror Tinsil Wing – White Marabou Cheeks – Goose Biots Head – Red Thread This is a great fly for those cold Winter months on the Stillwaters. It can be fished as an […]


Euro Nymphing, what is it and how to fish it.

CZECH NYMPH: AND OTHER RELATED FLY FISHING METHODS. By Karel Krivanec & friends. Third Edition. – amzn.to/3wVAnW4 The Fly Fishing Bible of Nymphing: A Complete Playbook for Fly Fishing with Nymphs by Paul Gaskell and John Pearson – amzn.to/30BaazX I had grand plans for this video but in the end the constraints of filming and fishing on my own […]


The Afternoon Delight

Been a while since I posted a new tying video, seemed only fitting to kick things off this tying season with a fly pattern created by Mike Crosby. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the video & consider leaving a comment or subscribing. Cheers & Keep Tying!


Pheasant Tail Nymph

This tricked out variant of the classic Pheasant Tail nymph is an easy-to-tie fun nymph pattern that can catch fish year-round in any trout water. Hook: #12-18 nymph Bead: Brass or tungsten Thread: Brown Tail: Pheasant tail fibers Rib: Copper wire Flashback: Pearl or mirage tinsel Body: Pheasant tail fibers Thorax: Peacock herl Legs: CDC […]


The 10 Best Fly Fishing Flies for Belize

Don’t go to Belize without multiples of these killer Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit flies. SUBSCRIBE for more Fly Fishing List Videos: bit.ly/trident-subscribe Book a trip to Belize Today: www.tridentflyfishing.com/travel-trv/belize-travel.html Purchase your flies today (Free Shipping over $49): www.tridentflyfishing.com/flies/saltwater-flies.html Got Questions? support@tridentflyfishing.com ~~ FOLLOW US: 📷Instagram: bit.ly/trident-instagram 💼Facebook: bit.ly/trident-facebook 💻Website: bit.ly/trident-website


Castor Rex Caddis

Tying castor rex caddis and blending some dubbing… Thats in short what this video is all about. Tell me what are your thoughts. Do you blend your own dubbing? Cheers Vladimir