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Hawaii Fly Fishing with Rick Lee - Bonefish, Maui, Triggerfish, Christmas Island and Saltwater Gear

I had a great chat with Rick Lee to talk about Hawaii Fly Fishing with a focus on bonefish and Maui.  Rick breaks down some great tips if you are heading to Hawaii with a focus on Maui today.  We talk about casting tips for the wind, how to strip retrie
Abaco, Bahamas - bonefishKim Rasmussen

WFS 091 - DIY Fly Fishing Exploration Tips with Ray Montoya - Middle East, Permit, Bonefish, Emperor Fish, Yemen

Permit, Emperor Fish and other middle east species with Ray Montoya. He shares some of his best tips to put together a remote trip on your own time.  Find out why this should be on your bucket list if you are into the salt water.
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Flip Pallot Podcast - Bonefish, Bahamas, Hells Bay Boats, The Salt Water Angler

Show Notes: The Salt Water Angler and Walker Cay Chronicles were two of the most popular shows in the history of fishing.  Flip Pallot talks about these shows and his life in fly fishing. We talk about the Hells Bay Boat t
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Oliver White Podcast - Bonefish in the Bahamas, DIY Fly Fishing Tips, Indie Fly

Show Notes: We Dig into Bonefish in the Bahamas with Oliver White today on the show.  Oliver shares his experience coming up through the guiding
Cuba Grand SlamKlaus Frimor

Cuba Grand Slam

I august modtager jeg en invitation fra Avalon Fishing på Cuba.…
Los Roques - BonefishingThomas Bengtsson

#46 Bonefish Part II

In this episode we head back to the clear blue wa…

Flueæsken til troperne

Ved vintertide og kulde på vore breddegrader, stopper de flestes…
Bonefish - Mexico© Kim Rasmussen

Bonefish & Permit ved Sian Ka’an - Revisited

Følg med på to års ture til Mexico efter bonefish og permit... -…
Bonefish på tørflue - Los RoquesJan Kristensen

Bonefish på tørflue - Los Roques

Den lavvandede strand lå på øens læside, og kun små krusninger…
Bonefish - Mexico - Sian Ka - Gotsha© Kim Rasmussen

Sian Ka’an - hvor "bonefish" himmelen blev født..

Mexico byder nogle af de bedste fiskemuligheder i verden og er…
Abaco, Bahamas - bonefishKim Rasmussen

Abaco, Bahamas - når bonefish kommer til kort

Internettet er saliggørende som den store informationskilde.…
Abaco, Bahamas - bonefishKim Rasmussen

Carolina Bonefishing with Capt. Paul Rose - Ssn. 6, Ep. 3

Capt. Paul Rose has perfected flats fishing for carp--and he uses the technique to hone his anglers' skills for more prestigious targets. Don't miss this intriguing look at a flats-fishing practice so engaging, you might just forget it's "practice."


Bahamas Bonefish Part 1

Jared joins BTT Bahamas Initiative Manager Justin Lewis in search…

Bahamas Bonefish Part 2

Jared joins BTT Bahamas Initiative Manager Justin Lewis in search…

Fly fishing the flats for Bonefish - Andros Island

Wanna fish Andros islands? click that link below! Another…

Indiana Bones - Bahamas Fly Fishing by Todd Moen - NEW

The inspiration for my T-Motion video, Bahamian “Indiana Bones”,…

Los Roques 2019

WhereWiseMenFish latest trip to Los Roques. It is hard to imagine…


On the far edge of the Bahamas lies an island that many say some…

Tributaries Fly Fishing Film

Fly fishing is a powerful current that unifies an even stronger…

Bonefish en Los Roques

Como se pescan los bonefish en Los Roques. Primera entrega de…