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How to tie The Stubby Chubby

The Stubby Chubby Blog-Post & Recipe: blog.avidmax.com/?p=11922 In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Kaie Clark ties the Stubby Chubby! It’s fly tying season! So start getting ready to stock up your fly box for next summer. The younger sibling of the Chubby Chernobyl, the Stubby Chubby is its own fly. Built on […]


Partridge & orange spider

This is my take on one of the all time classic soft hackle patterns that in recent years has experienced a comeback. Visit my site thefeatherbender.com Buy my BOOK “The feather Benders Fly Tying Techniques” amzn.to/2WgqeCe Buy MUSTAD signature hooks on AMAZON: amzn.to/2DFHrPn Buy VENIARD product on AMAZON: amzn.to/3enGTu6 TRIDENT fly fishing shop over 27,000 […]


How to tie the The Black Mamba Booby

Hook: Hanak H 970 BL Streamer Wave #8 Thread: Veevus F01 #6/0 Black Base Tail: Troutline Sparkle Streamer Hair Tail: Comp Candy Marabou Black Jack Lateral Flash: Troutline Reflex Hair Silver Body: Lureflash Fritz Black and Pearl 1st Hackle: Hen Cape Cream Rib: Silver Wire Medium 2nd Hackle: Hen Cape Black Booby Eyes: Upavon Fly […]


Ahrex – Olive Molly – by Stefan Larsson

Stefan Larsson – The Man, The Myth, The Legend! This swedish flyfisher and flytyer is wellknown in Scandinavia for his passion for troutfishing and best of all with a dryfly. In this video Stefan show one of his favorite dryflies The Olive Molly, a beautiful parachute pattern for fast current waters. Have a look, and […]


Tying a Kylie Shrimp Salmon Fly

The Kylie Shrimp was originally tyed by Alan Donaldson around 1996 as far. as I believe.. Materials Used; Hook, Size 6 Double Thread, Uni-8/0 Fire Orange Tag, Small Oval Silver Tinsel or Silver Wire Tail, Hot Orange Bucktail, Orange Krystal Flash and Golden Pheasant Red Breast Fibres Butt, Black Floss Rib, Silver Wire Body, Rear […]


Blue Hallelujah – Yorkshire Spider – Jim Wynn

Jim Wynn was a river-keeper on the Wharfe river in Yorkshire, UK. He modified many of the classic patterns to include some more modern materials like tinsel and various lacquers. Blue Hallalujah Hook – Partridge barbless dry fly hook size 12. Thread – blue pearsall gossamer silk Body – half orange tinsel and half blue […]


Tying a Blue Montana Nymph

The Montana is a simple nymph pattern and has been around for many years, it is fished throughout the world for many species of fish with great success..One that I would highly recommend in anyone’s fly box.. Materials Used; Hook, Size Standard Lure Thread, Black Uni-8/0 Tail, Black Hen or Cock Fibres Body, Black Chenille […]



This is Norway. Famous for it´s beautiful nature and long coastline. There are many waterfalls in Norway and they become rivers. Fish live in this rivers. The most spectacular of them all – the atlantic salmon. Fly fishing for salmon in Norway is a real adventure. This is our story from the last season. Good […]


Three Rivers Ranch | Idaho Trout

In this very special episode of The New Fly Fisher, we hear the story of one of the more revered lodges in North America, how it came to be and the family connection over generations of fly fishers. Lonnie Allen, Orvis Lifetime Achievement award winner and owner of Three River’s Ranch unabashedly opens her personal […]


Squirrel Dubbing Mix

This is the way how i mix my dubbing and thoughts behind it. Very simple and effective. Try it, modify it… just play with materials and enjoy tying Cheers Vladimir


Soft Hackle Craw

Underwater action and full tying SBS of a jig for panfish, perch, trout and other species. You can use partridge hackles instead of the soft webby hen hackles I’ve used. The dubbing is my own Woolly Sparkle Dub in the color Peacock Sparkle (link below for that ;0) This jig is equally suited for the […]


Dry Fly Fishing for 2 LARGE, RISING brown trout

The Holy Grail of fly fishing is a large brown trout effortlessly feeding on the surface during a mayfly hatch. How about 2 large brown trout rising 1/2 a rod length apart, swaying, swinging in gin-clear water on a clear, deep-blue summer day? Let’s have a look at how Amelia has a seriously fun go […]


Dan Bailey’s White Marabou Muddler

Underwater action and tying SBS. on the fabulous Dan Bailey’s White Marabou Muddler. A streamer designed for large trout in western rivers, but equally at home anywhere trout live. On this video I am trying something new, and talk while tying instead of having music only. Drop a comment, and let me know what you […]


Ahrex – Craftfur Baitfish – tied by Martin Votborg

Once again we have had the skilled tyer and flyfisher Martin Votborg behind the vice making magic. THis time he ties one of his favorite sandeel-patterns: The Craftfur Baitfish. Hook: Ahrex Curved Salt SA274 # 10. Thread: White. Tail: White Craftfur, White Superhair, Pearl Angelhair & Olive Craftfur. Gills: Fl. Orange Antron Yarn. Head: White […]