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2 Days in Heaven – Incredible Sight-Fishing & Stunning Scenery

This video shares the most incredible 2 days of fly fishing we’ve experienced. The backdrop, spring creek water clarity, the stunning vistas and visuals of incredible rising rainbow trout, the sheer magic of the dry fly fishing and acrobatics of the rainbows. We’ve been blessed in our fly fishing through the years but these 2 […]


Sight-Fishing Rainbow Trout on the Gravel Treadmill

Rainbow trout in streams are another joy in fly fishing. Sight-fishing active rainbows and holding on as they jump all over the place is exciting. We spent a summer afternoon walking about this small stream in search of rainbow trout – we know this creek well and pick off a few great rainbow trout. Subscribe […]


Dry Fly Fishing for 2 LARGE, RISING brown trout

The Holy Grail of fly fishing is a large brown trout effortlessly feeding on the surface during a mayfly hatch. How about 2 large brown trout rising 1/2 a rod length apart, swaying, swinging in gin-clear water on a clear, deep-blue summer day? Let’s have a look at how Amelia has a seriously fun go […]


“As It Happens”: How to Sight-Nymph Cutthroat Trout Streams

Fly fishing cutthroat trout streams offers spectacular summer fun. Usually keen dry fly fish, cutthroat trout do hunker down, refuse to rise to dry flies and force anglers to fish deeper nymphs. From early summer through late fall cutthroat trout streams are often gin-clear and offer exceptional sight-fishing with nymphs. Sight-nymphing individual cutthroat trout is […]


How to Fly Fish A Classic Rocky Mountain Run

Many waters have a variety of species. Across the Rocky Mountain West headwater streams, bull trout, rocky mountain whitefish and cutthroat trout are a common mixture of species. In this video we break down time of year seasonal considerations, what each individual fish is doing, the present hatches and a variety of tactics in order […]


This Year, Last Year

There are some moments in life that you wish you could have a “do-over”. As luck has it, sometimes you can. Not the exact moment in time but eerily close repeat of circumstance in the same location. So it was a few years back on a tiny stream where Dave didn’t get on top of […]


Summer Evening Spinner Fall

Mayfly spinner falls are often wrought in frustration. Simultaneous hatches to the spinner fall can include other mayfly species, caddis or stoneflies such as yellow or lime sallies. Life on the water can be difficult to hone in on exactly what trout are feeding on, let alone what fly, gear, leader, tippet etc to use. […]


Dead Egg Fishing!

Epic session fishing the clear drift dead egg for taupo trout. small water close range fun. Thanks for watching Gareth The DEAD EGG: bit.ly/39lQ2m4 website: www.trouthuntingnz.co.nz/ Follow Me on other social media Facebook: www.facebook.com/trouthuntingnz/?fref=ts Instagram: www.instagram.com/trouthuntingnz/ Emial: trouthuntingnz@gmail.com LOOP Q ROD: bit.ly/2HnXsaE THE FLYS I USE: bit.ly/2Vldl6M THE NET: bit.ly/2E7MxB4 The Gear I use: The […]