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Travelling to Iceland During Covid 19

Peter has just returned from Iceland which is one of the few countries we can travel to currently. The reason is it is on the UK government air corridor list of safe countries. One of the reasons for this is that each person in the country is tested on arrival. Having just experienced this Peter […]


10 Tips For Fly Fishing From A Flats Skiff

In this video Peter McLeod runs through his top ten tips for fishing from a flats skiff. He covers gear storage, guide etiquette, sound amplification, line management, clock face and distance, footwear, being a good boat partner and more. Another short film from Aardvark McLeod international fly fishing specialists, for more information on this or […]


Ten Things For A Flyfisherman To Do When Stuck At Home

In this video Peter runs through ten things that a fly fisherman can do when stuck at home. There are periods of time, especially now, that its not possible to go fishing. Peter encourages you to use this time constructively, get ahead of the curve, learn new skills and fuel the passion until you can […]


Low Water Trout Tips

Water levels here in VA are quite low from a lack of rain. Low water often makes anglers want to stay home, but as long as the water temperature is safe for trout (anything sub 70). There are fish to be caught! We hit a smaller stream that we fish a lot and wanted to […]


Using Furled Leaders for Trout & Grayling

In this video Peter McLeod sits down with Pete Buckey to discuss using furled leaders for trout and grayling. Pete Buckey is one of Aardvark McLeod’s longstanding guides on the southern chalkstreams with a wealth of time on the water and experience. Pete discovered furled leaders in his career and has since gone on to […]


How to Catch a Permit On A Fly

In this video Olly Thompson gives us a unique insight into the world of fly fishing for permit. Perhaps the apex of species to land on fly these fish a reknowned for their sixth sense and cleverness. To fool one on a fly takes skill and resilience. Olly guides us through tackle set up, permit […]


How To Become A Stealthier Fly Fisherman

In this video Peter McLeod discusses his tips to become a stealthier fly fisherman. Strangely many fishermen seem to forget they are hunting wild creatures and don’t seem to gather that making lots of noise spooks fish. To become a more successful fly fisherman Peter discusses three scenarios; saltwater (01.36min), salmon fishing (6.47min) and trout […]


How To Understand Tides For Flats Fishermen

In this video Peter McLeod explains the basics of tides and how flats fishermen can utilise them to their advantage. He covers the basics of what makes them tick, how to decipher tide charts, using that information to find intercept points on the flats, how different species prefer different tides and his own tidal preferences. […]


How to Construct the Spey Cast – with Andy Murray

In this short film Hardy casting instructor Andy Murray shows us how to construct a Spey cast. From the building blocks of a solid roll cast, he moves on to single and double Spey casts, changing direction, along with the snake roll casts. As this was filmed at a show the audio was not great […]


Quick Shooter Rig – One Minute Monday

Episode 26 of one minute Monday – A quick tip on how to set up your rod so you can react quickly to fishing opportunities. Another short film from Aardvark McLeod international fly fishing specialists, for more information on this or any of our destinations click www.aardvarkmcleod.com, or call +44 1980847389 Alternatively sign up for […]


Triggerfish On Fly

In this weeks video Peter chats to FlyCastaway Head Guide Tim Babich about why he loves triggerfish so much and how to catch them on a fly. Fly fishing for triggerfish can be come an obsession as these Jack Russells of the flats play cat and mouse with your fly. Another short film from Aardvark […]


Are You Right Hand Wind Or Left Hand Wind

In this video Peter McLeod tackles the age old debate of right hand wind versus left hand wind when using a fly reel. Often a hotly contested subject he puts forward his reasons for using winding a fly reel with your less dominant hand. Another short film from Aardvark McLeod international fly fishing specialists, for […]


Moving From Even To Odd Line Weight Fly Rods

As fly rod technology moves forward in leaps and bounds are you taking advantage of it? Peter McLeod discuss the advantages of being odd – moving from the historic system of even line weight fly rods and dropping down a line weight taking advantage of the refinement and power of modern technology and making your […]


How To Take Better Fly Fishing Photographs

Have you ever wanted to take better photographs on your fishing expeditions? Peter McLeod gives his top 12 tips to taking better photographs when out fishing, drawing on the experience of top fishing photographers such as Valentine Atkinson, Brian O’Keefe, Henry Gilbey, Matt Harris and Gerhard Laubscher. He uses some of their stunning images to […]


How To Rig A Sailfish Fly with Tandem Hook Rig

In this video Peter McLeod demonstrates how to build a tandem hook rig for use in sailfish and bill fish flies. Building wired tandems is easy and the fastest way to have a secure hook set up for bill fish tube flies. Peter details the equipment needed and a simple method. Another short film from […]