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Fly Tying an AP Tarpon Fly (Generic Saltwater Pattern)

Based loosely on the popular tarpon fly, the Black Death, this is a versatile pattern that can be tied in any color combination. Hook: #4-4/0 2x heavy saltwater hook Thread: Black, 210 denier Tail: Four hackle feathers, any colors, with flash Body: Rabbit zonker, any color Eyes: Stick-on or painted Head: UV resin If you […]


Fly Tying A Yarn Shrimp

Hi Folks and welocme to my Channel, i hope you enjoy your stay and learn something new. Hook – Troutline G602 #10 Thread – Textreme 8/0 FL Pink Body – Semperfli Perfect Shrimp Wool Shell – Hends Shellback Pink covered in Gulff Thinman Resin Rib – 8lb Flourocarbon Underbody – Veniard Adhesive Lead Foil Head- […]


Grizzly King

Detailed instructions for tying a Grizzly King wet fly. The New Fly Fisher, along with Tom Rosenbauer, have a great video on advanced streamer fly fishing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAX_J3kF39w and Dave & Amelia Jensen are streamer fishing for brown trout: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3Q5MhJ_aAo&t Subscribe to all our videos: www.youtube.com/user/tightlinevideo Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tightline-Productions-313234707736/ Visit our website: www.tightlinevideo.com @The […]


The Atomic Stone

The Atomic Stone Blog-Post & Recipe: How to tie The Atomic Stone The Atomic Stone Ingredients List: Hook – Daiichi 2220 (6 – 12) www.avidmax.com/daiichi-2220-4xl-down-eye-streamer-hook/ Thread – UTC 140( Black) www.avidmax.com/utc-ultra-thread/ Bead – Firehole Matte Black Tungsten www.avidmax.com/firehole-matte-tungsten-beads/ Weight – Firehole Teardrop Body www.avidmax.com/firehole-outdoors-tungsten-tear-drop-body/ Antenna – Goose Biots (Black) www.avidmax.com/wapsi-goose-biots/ Tail – Goose Biots (Black) […]


Foam Humpy

An easier version of the standard Humpy, this general attractor dry fly can be tied in a variety of color combinations and is a great pattern for fast, riffled water or as the top fly in a dry/dropper rig. Hook: #12-18 dry fly Thread: Any color Tail: Moose body hair Body: 2-3mm foam, any color […]


Stewart’s Black Spider

W.C. Stewart in “The Practical Angler” of 1857 sets down this pattern as the first of the “spiders”. He was introduced to the fly by a fellow angler named Baillie who was famous in his time. Recipe: Hook – your choice but can be a wet fly or dry fly hook…I like 14 or smaller. […]


Final Shrimp

This shrimpfly is an excellent choice for chasing sea-run brown trout in clear and relatively calm water, where the fish nibble around and look for “light meals”. Danish coastal fisherman Thomas Hansen is almost a guru when it comes to sea trout on the coast, and the Final Shrimp is his bid for a light […]


The Spud

So you are in the mood for something that incorporates the materials and techniques you love about steelhead flies, but also to do some hair work? The Spud is the fly for you! It’s a fun little fly that uses a lot of natural materials and can be tied in a bunch of different colors […]


Quill Jig

Another very successful Pattern for Rivers Hook size 14-16 ,, Thread Black ,, Tail Black Cock Hackle ,, Body Dyed Olive Stripped Quill ,, Holo Tinsel Red for Hot Spot & White CDC ,, 3.5 Tungsten Bead


How to tie the Gorman Egg for Fly Fishing

Hook – Hanak H330 BL #12 Bead – Hanak Gold Countersunk 2.3 Tungsten Bead Thread – Semperfli Nano Silk 12/0 White Tag – Hends Effect Green Body – Semperfli Body Rib Fl-Orange Hackle – Troutline March Brown To be honest I have never had much success fishing egg patterns on either Stillwaters or Rivers. I […]


3 Essential Knots You Need To Know

There are only 3 fishing knots you need to know in order to tie better knots master these knots and you will catch more fish! These are ideal if you are just starting out in fly fishing or if you are looking change the fishing knots that you currently use. These 3 knots are pretty […]


Book Review – Tying Dry Flies (Jay Nichols, 2021)

Originally published in 2009 but released in 2021 in paperback, this will make a great dry fly book for beginner or intermediate tiers alike. Available on Amazon at: amzn.to/3nYLhYi If you would like to support Savage Flies’ mission of giving back to the fly tying community, and you shop at Amazon, please consider using the […]


Lightsaber Perdigon

DMC metallic embroidery thread and organza fibres are a great combination for tying perdition patterns. The fluorescent pink organza fibres channel the light into the tails producing a bright hotspot at the back of the fly.