Dry Fly Fishing Tips with James Carlin - Competitive Angling, So Fly Gear (WFS 156)

Competitive Angling and Euro Nymphing with James Carlin from So Fly Gear

Anchored Podcast Ep. 170: Jim McLennan on the Bow River, Pioneering, and Growing Up

Jim McLennan was one of the first fly-fishing guides on Alberta’s Bow River. A well known writer and speaker, Jim has authored four books and written countless magazine articles. In this episode of Anchored we discuss why we fish, how Jim got his start

Episode 18: Lonny Vanatta - Backcountry Bulldog

Being slighted by the US Ski Team in 1978, Lonny Vanatta spent…

Syd Glasso, Dyeing Feathers, Fly Tying & Steelhead with Dave McNeese (WFS 155)

Dave McNeese tells his stories of a life in fly fishing, fly tying and dyeing feathers.  Dave is working on the book on Syd Glasso’s life and has been an expert material dying all star for 5 decades.  Dave has done a little bit of everything in fly fishing!

WFS 154 - Olympic Peninsula Steelhead Fishing with Trevor Covich - Spey, Forks

Trevor Covich shares his story of how came to be a full time fly fishing guide splitting his time between the Olympic Peninsula and Alaska.  We dig into the story of how the Olympic Peninsula changed into a big swing game and how you can find big fish an

Episode 17: Capt. RT Trosset - The Dean of Key West

Capt. RT Trosset is one of the greatest fisherman of all time……

Tying Atlantic Salmon Flies with Ryan Taylor - Steelhead, Grand River (WFS 153)

Ryan Taylor shares his story on tying and fishing steelhead and Atlantic salmon flies and how he mixes it up for steelhead with a focus on the Grand River.  We dig into some tips on finding and hooking steelhead and how to tie a fly in hand

Anchored Podcast Ep. 169: Yarrow Willard on Wild Mushrooms, Foraging and More

Yarrow Willard is an herbalist and philosopher who lives in British Columbia, Canada. Yarrow was born into a family of foragers who have changed thousands of people’s lives over the years, so I was ecstatic to sit down with him to pick his brain about m

Trophy Largemouth on the Fly, with Jay Aylward

This week I interview Orvis-endorsed guide Jay Aylward [51:05], a largemough bass fanatic on the fly rod, about how to find and catch them.  And not just any largemouth, but trophy bass.  Or at least trophies on a fly rod... In the Fly Box...

Long Belly Spey Casting with Bruce Kruk - Trout, Steelhead, Columbia River (WFS 152)

Bruce Kruk is on the podcast to share some tips for spey casting with a focus on long belly spey lines and long 14, 15 and 16 foot rods.  We bring it to the bank of the Clearwater River and the Upper Columbia with a focus on steelhead fishing.
Podcast - MillHouse - Jared RaskobMIll House

How to Catch Trophy Bluegills, with Kip Vieth

[Interview @ 38:40] There are few things more fun in fly fishing than catching bluegills with a popper or nymph.  For the most part, once you find them it's easy and un-challenging fishing.  But if you want to up your game and chase...

Swing the Fly Magazine with Zack Williams - Spey Tips, Steelhead, Clearwater River (WFS 151)

Zack Williams, who is the editor of Swing the Fly Magazine, is on the podcast to share the story of how he went from Great Lakes Steelheader to Spey Casting and Steelhead champion.  Zack and I chat about why the number of swung fly fisherman is so low bu

Ryan Smalls - Ski Racer, Addicted Angler, Traditional Archer

At the tender age of 4, after watching Franz Klammer win…

Expert Tips on Small Stream Fly Fishing in California and North Carolina.

This week we continue our exploration of small streams with Brian Slusser in California [@37:47] and Brown Hobson of North Carolina [@1:24:38]. Both are experienced guides and love small stream fishing. Even if you don't fish these regions, you'll...

Anchored Podcast Ep. 168: Nanci Morris Lyon and Nelli Williams on Pebble Mine

Nanci Morris Lyon and Nelli Williams have been working for over a decade to safeguard Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine. Nanci owns Bear Trail Lodge on the famed Naknek River in southwest Alaska, and was one of the first female fishing guides in Alaska. Ne

Ahrex Hooks with Morten Valeur - Pike Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Denmark

Morten Valeur, the founder of Ahrex Hooks, is on to shed some light on how and why he started a new hook company and how they have emerged as one of the leaders in the world.

The Fly Fishing 97 Podcast with Mark Hopley - Kamloops British Columbia (WFS 149)

Mark Hopley, the Host of the Fly Fishing 97 Podcast is on the podcast to break down his popular show and why he does what he does.  We find out about the Kamloops British Columbia area where Mark is from and why he’s going to podcast till he dies.

WFS 148 - Steelhead Fishing in Oregon with Brian Silvey

Brian Silvey talks about his life as a fly fishing guide with a focus on Steelhead Fishing in Oregon.  Find out what colors are best during the early and late season and how to get your fly down during the day. 

Anchored Podcast Ep. 167: Chad Brown on Soul River, PTSD and Being a Black Man in Fly Fishing

Chad Brown is a decorated US Navy veteran who struggles to this day with PTSD. A failed suicide attempt eventually led Chad to found a non-profit organization called Soul River Inc. Soul River brings together at-risk youth and Veterans who act as mentors.
Podcast - MillHouse - Jared RaskobMIll House

Episode 15: Capt. Jared Raskob - Bonefish Wizard, TV Personality, Family Man

Very rarely do you hear of a young person doing something…