Green Drake Hatch with Mike Lawson - Henrys Fork Fly Fishing (WFS 190)

Mike Lawson from Henrys Fork Anglers is on the podcast to break down the Green Drake hatch and fishing mayflies on the Henrys Fork.  Mike sheds some light on different bugs and some entomology to help you on the water.

Episode 26: Capt. Paul Tejera - Zest For Life

In this episode, Paul talks about growing up fishing the waters off Biscayne Bay, the wild times rooming with Rob Fordyce, and where the sport is heading today.

WFS 189 - How to Rank Your Blog Post to #1 (Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast Podcast)

Stepping out of the Fly Fishing comfort zone as I indulge in promoting my other podcasting baby.  I share a great podcast episode from my other show, the Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast.

Gedder - Gudenåkrokodiller på flue

Isen har lagt låg på søerne, og den eneste mulighed for vintergedder…

One Box to Rule Them All

I know. You like your flies. Dozens of patterns; hundreds of individual fish catching pieces of potential. But really, how many do you actually use? While it isn't for every angler (or every situation), cutting down the flies you carry on the water...

Skeena River Steelhead with Todd Scharf - Fly Fishing, OPST, Salmon (WFS 188)

Todd Scharf shares some huge tips on finding Skeena river steelhead and the gear you need to have a successful trip up north in British Columbia.  Todd runs the legendary Skeena Steelhead lodge and provides some insight on a 10 year commitment.

Sandart - Vampyrfangst i Søhøjlandet

Der er ispletter på søen og vandkoldt i luften, når Theodor…

Conservation Conflicts

There's a good way to talk about conversation. There are a lot of bad ways to talk about conversation. While it is a broad-brushed, stereotyping statement, there is some truth in the "cantankerous fly fisher" archetype. In this episode I encourage us...

WFS 187 - The Fiberglass Boat and River Skiff with Adipose Boatworks Justin Waayenberg (Drift Boat Series Ep. 6)

I sat down with Justin Waayenberg from Adipose Boatworks to hear about the benefits of their Fiberglass boat and their river skiff compared to other materials and drift boats on the market.  We get a little nerdy on the build and dig into all things fibe

WFS 186 - Reds Fly Shop with Joe Rotter  — Blue Winged Olive Mayfly Hatch, Yakima River

We find out what technical dry fly fishing is all about on the Yakima River.  Joe is a wealth of knowledge and shares his best tips on dry fly fishing.  We find out what gear you need and what makes a great dry fly fisherman.

Episode 25: Capt. John O'Hearn - Rethinking the Game

In all sports there are a handful of extremely talented, smart…

Trepigget hundestejle - Den største mikro

Theodor Langston er blevet inviteret på mikrofisketur af Mark…

Famous & Fishable

Some of the rivers that our grandfathers lauded as destination waters have declined in one way or another. The quantity or quality of the fish just isn’t there anymore. There are still fish present, and there is still good fishing to be had, but...

WFS 185 - How to Choose Drift Boat Oars with Derek Young (Drift Boat Series Ep. 5)

Derek Young from Sawyer Paddles and Oars describes the steps to choosing drift boat oars with a comparison between natural and composite. Derek describes the square top oar vs the smoker bandit and why you would go with either of these.

WFS 184 - The Saltwater Experience with Tom Rowland

om Rowland shares the story of how the Saltwater Experience came to be and how he created Waypoint and produces a network with over 80 outdoor programs on TV and in Podcasting.

Havørred - Mission overspringer 2

Med den nuværende corona-situation har Theodor Langston ikke…

WFS 183 - Top 10 Podcasts in Fly Fishing via Wet Fly Swing Podcast

I've included three Top 10's here.  The first is the Top 10 Podcast Episodes from the Wet Fly Swing Podcast.  This is my end of the year celebration for all of the listeners of the Wet Fly Swing Podcast.

The Show Must Go On

Is something missing from your fly fishing this winter? You're still fishing. You're still tying up a lot of flies. You're keeping your nose in a book or glued to YouTube. So what is missing? Fly fishing shows and outdoor expos. Large gatherings...

WFS 182 - Boulder Boat Works with Shaun Hargrave (Drift Boat Series Ep. 4)

Shaun Hargrave shares the Boulder Boat Works story and how he came to own one of the unique polymer hulled drift boat designs on the water.  We talk a little about drift boat fly fishing but get more into some of the nerdy specs on boat design and histor

Fly Water Travel with Ken Morrish - Dry Fly Patterns, Fly Design (WFS 181)

Ken Morrish is on the podcast to share the story of how he built created and became one of the leading travel companies at Fly Water Travel plus we dig into some tips on dry fly tying design and the top 6 dry fly patterns Ken created.

Episode 24: Capt. Will Benson - Permit, Cruise Ships, & Conservation

Willy Benson grew up in Sugarloaf Key washing boats for old time…