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Epic Fast Glass II | Fly Rod Review

One of the most beautifully crafted fly rods we’ve reviewed… SUBSCRIBE for more Fly Rod Reviews: bit.ly/trident-subscribe… This short-range trout rod is made for stalking wary fish in New Zealand’s backcountry, but it’s more versatile than that. Built with 8-micron Unidirectional S-2 Glass and top-notch componentry, it’s easy to see how these rods are fueling […]


Scott F Series Fiberglass Fly Rod

Jim Bartschi explains the benefits of fiberglass with the new Scott F Series. Scott Fly Rod Company have been working with fibreglass fly rods for 40 years. So it stands to reason that they know a little about glass and the most suitable application for fly fishing. This year Scott has updated the technology with […]