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Alternative Hares Ear

Hook: Hanak H260 BL #12 Thread: Veevus E01 #8/0 Tail: Partridge Fibres Rib: UTC Ultra Wire Body: Troutstalkers Scruffy Dubbing (Natural Boosted) Buds: Glo-Brite No4 Thorax: Troutstalkers Scruffy Dubbing (Natural Boosted) Wing: Partridge Feather The Hares ear is a long established pattern that has caught countless fish over the years. I have known some anglers […]


Competition Special Cormorant

Hook: Hanak H260 BL #8 Thread: Uni White 6/0 Rib: Brown Flexi Floss Body: Veevus P01 Medium Wing: Comp Candy Marabou (Jack Black) Head: Glo-Brite No4 The Cormorant is a popular pattern amongst competition anglers. They are very quick to tie and super effective. Each competitor will have their own favourite but this one is […]


Fly Tying Sinfoil's Fry

One of the early British still water patterns created by Ken Sinfoil for catching ‘fry bashing’ trout. Fry bashing is the equivalent of a hatch but with newly hatched coarse fish fry. In August these large shoals of fry gather in the shallows and are duly followed and attacked by cruising trout that smash into […]


The Grass carp salad

A very quick and easy, effective dry fly pattern for plant eating carp. The Mustad C67S super strong, egg, caddis hook, is kept afloat beautifully with this combination of CDC and marabou. Visit my site thefeatherbender.com Buy my Book “The feather Benders Fly Tying Techniques” amzn.to/2WgqeCe Buy MUSTAD signature hooks on Amazon amzn.to/2DFHrPn Buy VENIARD […]


Mini Snooby (Snake / Booby)

Stinger Hook: Hanak H266 #10 Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 Purple Conector: Fly line backing Zonker Strip: Comp Candy (Pink/Black) Body: Hends No 18 Front Hook: Hanak H970 BL Booby Eyes: Foam Block formed into booby eyes. I know, I know it’s monstrous and what self respecting fly fisherman would tie such a thing? Well, one that […]


Split tail shad

EP (Enrico Puglisi) style flies are quite popular. They have been staples in many saltwater and warm water fly Fishermans boxes for years. They look so realistic and are very versatile with color choices. However there is one issue Ive found in the past with these flies. They don’t have a ton of tail movement. […]