AHREX - Turbo Flammen

Daniel D. Holm ties a spiced up version of Flammen - a super…

Clown Egg

Detailed instructions for tying a Clown Egg.

How to Tie an Intruder

How to to tie an Intruder steelhead fly on a waddington shank.…

Undertaker variation

A variation of the Undertaker steelhead fly. The Undertaker's…


Detailed instructions for tying the Squirminator.

Sucker Spawn

Detailed instructions for tying Sucker Spawn

Eggs Over Easy

Detailed instructions for tying an easy Egg pattern.

Popsicle Fly

Detailed instructions for tying a Popsicle Fly.

Same Thing Murray

Detailed instructions on tying a "Same Thing Murray" salmon …

Infamous Pink Worm

Detailed instructions on tying the Infamous Pink Worm.

Antron Egg

Detailed instruction for tying an Antron Egg.

Glo Bug

Detailed instructions on tying a Glo Bug fly with a blood do…

Montage Steelhead Tube

How to rig a steelhead tube

Pink Salmon Gurgler

A pink prawn style gurgler fly. Perfect for topwater fishing…

Kissing Leech

The only thing better than a leech pattern when lake fishing…

Dubbing Loop Marabou Leech

A small, sleek leech combining two marabou colours in a dubbing…

Black and Blue Boobie

An English classic, this fly is pure attractor. Useful when…

The Original Templedog - Hakan Norling

How to tie the original Templedog fly, demonstrated by Hakan…

Black Bear Green Butt

This is a traditional salmon fly, that's been around for a long…


Here is another salmon fly. The Undertaker, I just liked the…

Pink Lady Salmon Fly

Here is a Salmon Fly I designed.