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Blacknose Dace (Fry Pattern)

The Blacknose Dace Fly is from Keith Fulsher’s book Thunder Creek Flies.. Materials Used; Hook, Streamer Hook size 4 Thread, Uni-6/0 White Flanks, Silver and Pearl Krystal Flash Badger Cock Hackles Back, Ginger or Brown Bucktail Belly, White Bucktail Sides, Black Bucktail Eye’s, Should be White with a Black Dot


Fluefiske i sjøen. E5-S2. En stor fyr i sølvdrakt.

Takk til Nordisk Fiskeutstyr: www.nfisk.no Bli en Supporter å støtt de neste fiskefilm projektene fremover. patreon.com/Fluefiskern —- Sosiale medier —- Instagram: www.instagram.com/eivind_beru… Facebook: www.facebook.com/Eivind.Berul… Hjemmeside: www.fluefiskern.no Takk til Patreon Supporterne! Ønsker du å bli en supporter til kanalen? patreon.com/Fluefiskern All musikk er lisensiert fra: www.findthetune.com Filmet GoPro 5 og 7. Mikrofon: Røde SmartLav+ Myggmikrofon mvfluefiskehilsen […]


Jiggy Fly

——- In these episodes I will go through all of my sea trout flies in English. Step by step. All the flies I use for catching the silver of the sea. * Check out my sponsor for the materials: web page: www.nfisk.no Instagram: www.instagram.com/nfiskno/?hl=nb * — Material list — Hook: Ahrex NS156 size 6 Thread: […]


Spey/Flatwing Baitfish

To Enter the giveaway Go here: gleam.io/QcA3q/10k-giveaway Best of luck to you all!! Materials Used in the video: Bucktail – white Spey feather – Tan simi seal – shrimp orange whiting dryfly feathers 4 pc – tan pro sport fisher flexi eyes – 4mm uv resin – solarez thick


Tying a Rubber leg hares ear

A buggy rubber leg hares ear, that works great as a generic nymph. Tie them in light and dark hares ear with your choice of colour for the wing case. A very popular nymph for the big sea run browns of South America.


Glass Fyggi

Today whe´re having fun with a pimped out version of Claus Ericsen´s “fyggi”.. I know there is a local fihing club on fyn who call themselves by that name and they only fih with this pattern in all colors and sizes.. hoook: ahrex ns 172 mylar tinsel – opal silli legs – cotton candy uv […]


TOP SECRET Organza Shrimp

This fly is deadly… Not so secret but deadly nevertheless! Organza Ribbon (Europe): amzn.to/2SmXl4P Organza Ribbon (US) : amzn.to/2vWuBbt DISCLAIMER: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.


Hot spot Gammarus

When gammarus shrimps are attacked by a parasitic worm, the parasite is visible from the outside as a red/orange dot. Thanks to this hot spot, fish not only see it better, but also find it more attractive! Only fish that are suitable as hosts, (trout) preferentially eat the infected shrimps.Thereafter the parasitic worm completes its […]