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Everglades Special

The Everglades Special is an EP style saltwater streamer fly that is a specific coloration. This is a popular color pattern for, you guessed it, the everglades. Well, anywhere that fish eat mullet as its an imitation of mullet. Its a great fly for fishing Redfish, tarpon, sea trout, snook, and other saltwater predator fish. […]


Micro Crayfish – Jigged Nymph and streamer – McFly Angler Fly Tying Tutorial

I just moved to South Texas and small crayfish patterns tend to work very well for smallmouth bass, Guadalupe bass, panfish and the Rio Ciclids. They also work for other fish like catfish and trout as well. So I decided to come up with my own small crayfish pattern. Now, I am sure someone has […]


Redfish Crack – Yeah, it catches more than just reds… – McFly Angler Saltwater Fly Tying Tutorials

Redfish are a fish that are tough on flies, so a redfish fly should be very durable. The redfish crack is an all synthetic take on the redfish slider, so it’s much more durable. This fly can withstand a pounding and still comes up looking great! And the fish love them. In fact, my friend […]


EP Permit Crab

Don’t fish the flats this winter without one of these… SUBSCRIBE for more Fly Tying videos: bit.ly/trident-subscribe We’re gearing up for Bonefish and Permit season here at Trident. Maybe you’re planning a trip to your favorite Bonefish flat in Belize or chasing Permit in Mexico this winter, too. If that’s the case, you’re probably preparing […]


Spawning Mantis Shrimp

Bonefish beware… SUBSCRIBE for more Fly Tying videos: bit.ly/trident-subscribe The Spawning Mantis is a stellar pattern for the Bahamas and particularly South Andros. The orange color in the fly attracts the attention of Bonefish on the flats and fishes well in shallow water. The fly’s extra weight helps it drop quickly to land in the […]


Borski Slider Fly

A Redfish pattern that fools the big boys… SUBSCRIBE for more Fly Tying videos: bit.ly/trident-subscribe The Borski Slider was originally invented for Bonefish but has quickly morphed into a fly that’s well-known for its ability to fool picky redfish. This baitfish imitation works well in shallow water marshes and sandy flats when targeting fish with […]


Sand Shrimp

This could easily become my favorite shrimp of 2019! Just wait till you see it in the water… SO fishy! Instagram: www.instagram.com/coastfly/ UV Lamp: amzn.to/2LQT8X7 bobbin amzn.to/2Ehiwie Hackle Pliers:amzn.to/2HnsssG Dubbing Twister:amzn.to/2LQMIqE Waterproof flybox: amzn.to/2JOXMlB Whip finisher:amzn.to/2HqWk7C The Vise:amzn.to/2JJk884


Tying a Bastard Crab

Step by step instructions for a simple but effective merkin variation. the leg orientation really makes this pattern for me, it’s well worth a places in your box. Head to www.patreon.com/flickingfeathers to be elligible for the giveaways and get access to the members only content. Materials used. Hook: Gammakatsu SL11-3H Weight: dumbbells or bead chain […]


Tying Moore’s Agent Orange

Step by step instructions for Moore’s Agent Orange bonefish fly. Although it may seem a bit simple by modern standards it is reputedly a killer in the Yucatan and Belize. To enter the giveaways and get access to members only content head to www.patreon.com/flickingfeathers and support the channel. Materials Hook: SL11-3H size 4-8 or equivalent […]