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Swan Lake

Well, technically speaking this is not a lake but a small stream. We visit the Norrby Stream in the south of Sweden to do some fishing for the rainbows and the browns. Fish are stocked but they have been in the stream for years and they eat natural food. This time they were particularly picky […]


The Whisper

We visit a nice stream in the south of Sweden to do some light dry fly fishing. The fish are pretty small but they are wild and native. There were bigger fish around but they were impossible to trick because of the low water. Martin uses a #2 rod from Winston and the reel is […]


First Day Out

First day out by the river. There are both native brown trout and stocked rainbow trout in this river. Insects hatching were mainly small baetis mayflies. Spring has been really cold in Sweden but the mayflies are finally starting to hatch.