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Eight Days In Waders | EP4 | Young Eel Pool

FOURTH AND FINAL EPISODIE At the bottom of the river, we found a huge pool. We had heard of this pool. According to a Swede, this pool should hold huge trout. That’s why we spend almost two days waiting for Martin to figure out how to fool it.. See episode 1, 2, and 3 here


TAPÂM – a flyfishing journey

“Tapâm” is a multi award-winning fly fishing film classic. Two guys venture off the beaten path to a remote part of Central America, this is where they catch giant tarpon from their float tubes in an unreal setting. Producer Daniel Göz & Jan Bach Kristensen Post-production GK Film Frankfurt Jan Bauer Roland Eisert Mark Stirnweiß […]


Los Roques 2019

WhereWiseMenFish latest trip to Los Roques. It is hard to imagine a more idyllic place to go fishing and in total contrast to the negative press about travel to Venezuela. Outstanding fishing amidst extraordinary surroundings.