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HOW TO Fish Woolly Buggers In Rivers

The Woolly Bugger. No matter if you’re brand-new to fly fishing or have been fly fishing 5 decades, it’s in your pack. You can’t avoid ’em, they catch fish universally. Let’s take a look at how to fish them using different tactics, techniques and where in a river to apply each.


This Year, Last Year

There are some moments in life that you wish you could have a “do-over”. As luck has it, sometimes you can. Not the exact moment in time but eerily close repeat of circumstance in the same location. So it was a few years back on a tiny stream where Dave didn’t get on top of […]


Summer Evening Spinner Fall

Mayfly spinner falls are often wrought in frustration. Simultaneous hatches to the spinner fall can include other mayfly species, caddis or stoneflies such as yellow or lime sallies. Life on the water can be difficult to hone in on exactly what trout are feeding on, let alone what fly, gear, leader, tippet etc to use. […]


A Mayfly Moment

Normally, when the Ephemera danica hatches, the trout can’t resist it. This time however the fish preferred her cousine, the Ephemera vulgata (brown drake).


Small Stream Colorado

The production of “Small Stream Colorado” took me into the heart of John Denver’s renown Rocky Mountain high country near the Taylor River Lodge. Together with my wife and work partner, Kelley, I met up with Eleven Experience’s Colorado Fly Fishing Manager John Bocchino. John’s longtime knowledge of local streams and Colorado summer hatches made […]


Swan Lake

Well, technically speaking this is not a lake but a small stream. We visit the Norrby Stream in the south of Sweden to do some fishing for the rainbows and the browns. Fish are stocked but they have been in the stream for years and they eat natural food. This time they were particularly picky […]


The Whisper

We visit a nice stream in the south of Sweden to do some light dry fly fishing. The fish are pretty small but they are wild and native. There were bigger fish around but they were impossible to trick because of the low water. Martin uses a #2 rod from Winston and the reel is […]