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Ahrex Hooks with Morten Valeur - Pike Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Denmark

Morten Valeur, the founder of Ahrex Hooks, is on to shed some light on how and why he started a new hook company and how they have emerged as one of the leaders in the world.

The Fly Fishing 97 Podcast with Mark Hopley - Kamloops British Columbia (WFS 149)

Mark Hopley, the Host of the Fly Fishing 97 Podcast is on the podcast to break down his popular show and why he does what he does.  We find out about the Kamloops British Columbia area where Mark is from and why he’s going to podcast till he dies.

WFS 148 - Steelhead Fishing in Oregon with Brian Silvey

Brian Silvey talks about his life as a fly fishing guide with a focus on Steelhead Fishing in Oregon.  Find out what colors are best during the early and late season and how to get your fly down during the day. 

WFS 147 - Loon Outdoors with Matt Callies - Fly Fishing Product Design, Scott, Abel, Trinity River

Matt Callies in on the podcast today to describe how Loon is leading the way with some of their conservation minded products.  We hear about the companies he reports to and why he does what he does.

WFS 146 - The History of Women in Fly Fishing with Jen Ripple - Texas, Redfish

Jen Ripple is on the podcast today to tell us some of the history of women in fly fishing.  Jen is the editor of Dun Magazine, the largest woman’s magazine on the planet.  Jen talks about the foundation of woman in fly fishing and where she's going wi

WFS 145 - The Largest Fly Fishing Community on Facebook with John Billing - Australia, New Zealand

John Billing created the largest free non commercial Facebook group for fly fishing in the world.  We talk about the great resource it is and how it all came to be in over 10 years now running.  With over 44,000 active members this is a great resource i

WFS 144 - Deschutes Salmon Fly Hatch with Elke and Alicia Littleleaf

I sat down with Elke and Alicia Littleleaf from Little Leaf Guides.   We covered some tips on fishing the Deschutes salmon fly hatch and what it’s like being the only native american guide couple on the river.

WFS 143 - Fly Culture Magazine with Pete Tyjas - Euro Nymphing Flies, Chalk Streams, UK Fly Fishing

Pete Tyjas, the editor of Fly Culture Magazine, is on the share a perspective on fishing UK chalk streams and dry flies.  We find out how Pete is fishing for Atlantic Salmon now that he has put in some time for steelhead.

WFS 142 - Skating Steelhead Flies with Jason Osborn from the Portland Fly Shop

Jason Osborn is on the podcast to share the story of how he came to own the Portland Fly Shop and some tips on why they have been successful.  Find out about the Kalama and how Jason used to catch fish year around on this river. 

WFS 142 - Skating Steelhead Flies with Jason Osborn from the Portland Fly Shop

Jason Osborn is on the podcast to share the story of how he came to own the Portland Fly Shop and some tips on why they have been successful.  Find out about the Kalama and how Jason used to catch fish year around on this river. 

WFS 141 - AK Best on Production Fly Tying, Dry Flies, Colorado, Red Quill Parachute, Colorado Caddis, Winged Beetle

I had the pleasure of interviewing AK Best to talk about tying dry flies and his life in fly fishing.  We also hear some of the other influential parts of his life including how he survived his music night life.

WFS 140 - The Mono Rig, Nymphing and Streamers with Domenick Swentosky - Troutbitten, Pennsylvania

Domenick shares the exact formula he uses when fishing a mono rig and why he loves a 4 weight rod and Maxima leader for the butt section of his mono rig.  A little bit euro, a little bit nymph and equal parts streamer and even a little dry.  Troutbitten

WFS 139 - Jerry French and the Intruder Revolution - Spey, Steelhead, Aqua Flies, Ed Ward, Skagit

We find out how the intruder drove the lines and rods and how Ed Warn Scott Odonnel and others created the huge change for steelhead fly fisherman.

WFS 138 - Fly Fishing and Tying with Rich Strolis - Streamers, Farmington River, Catching Shadows, Kelly Galloup

Rich Strolis shares his story and how he has become known as one of the big streamer guys.  Rich breaks down how he designs flies and what he thinks about when coming up with new patterns.

WFS 137 - COVID-19 Tips for Fly Fishing Brands with Matt Smythe

COVID-19 Update for Fly Fishing Brands.  Matt Smythe, the communications coordinator for AFFTA,  sheds some light on what AFFTA is doing for fly fishing brands during the corona virus pandemic.  We find out what AFFTA does and how they balance politics

WFS 136 - Steelhead Fly Design History with Joseph Rossano - Sid Glasso, Harry Lemire, Bob Strobel, Alec Jackson, Spey

Joseph Rosano shares the history of steelhead fly design and development as a man who was side by side with some of the biggest names in steelhead history.  Find out how it all developed from Joseph, who was there with all of the big names of the day.

WFS 135 - A River Runs Through It with John Dietsch - Norman Maclean, Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Fly Fishing, Soul

We hear the story behind the story in the movie A River Runs Through It.   Still to this day the greatest fly fishing movie of all time.  John Dietsch was the stunt man for Brad Pitt and lead the fly fishing team that created the fishing scenes in the

My New Show - The Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast Needs Your Help Today

I am announcing the launch of the brand new podcast that I host weekly! The Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast is perfect if you have an outdoor brand or fly fishing brand and want to improve your online influence!

WFS 133 - How to Choose A Fly Rod with Travis Duddles - Gorge Fly Shop, Hood River, Deschutes, Trout Fishing, G Loomis, Echo

Travis Duddles who owns the Gorge Fly Shop describes how to choose a fly rod.  Travis, who opened the fly shop at age 17, shares his story of how he has built a great local fly shop out of Hood River.

WFS 132 - Pebble Mine Update with Jenny Weis - Bristol Bay, Trout Unlimitted, Conservation, Salmon

Jenny Weis provides us an update on the Pebble Mine project and what you can do this week to help protect almost 60 million salmon in one of the most important habitats in the region. We find out why this small project could become a much larger project
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