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WFS 180 - Koffler Boats with Joe Koffler (Drift Boat Series Ep. 3)

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe Koffler from Koffler Boats.  Joe is the son of Bruce Koffler, and today we hear how Bruce started out after transitioning from an aluminum gutter business into one of the leading aluminum drift boat builders in

George Cook on Lake Fishing with a Fly - Isaak's Ranch Fly Fishing (WFS 179)

We find out why George not only loves red-colored flies for steelhead but also for lake fishing.  We also hear about orange, chartreuse, and other great tips if you want to catch trout off of the bank with a fly.

2021 Wet Fly Swing Podcast Year Introduction and Fly Fishing Greatness (WFS 178)

This is a quick solo episode for the Wet Fly Swing Podcast and what we have coming for 2021.  We also touch on 2020 and how the year went.  We grew by over 60% because of you so wanted to thank you here.

WFS 177 - History of the Drift Boat with Roger Fletcher (Drift Boat Series Ep. 2)

Roger Fletcher is here to share the history of the drift boat and how it all started back in the early 20th century with a few river guides that needed a better boat for whitewater.  We discover the connection between the Rogue, Mckenzie, Grand Canyon Do

Steelhead Alley with Greg Senyo - Laser Dub, Fly Tying (WFS 176)

The creator of laser dub and a premier OG steelhead ally guide is here to share some stories and his point of view on fly fishing, guiding, and the Great Lakes.  We find out about Greg’s role in fly fishing, fly tying,  and how he has evolved over the

WFS 175 - Ask About Fly Fishing with Roger Maves

Roger Maves is here to share the story of how he started Ask About Fly Fishing way back in 2006, before podcasting was really even a word.  We also here about Roger's fly fishing digital marketing agency in the second show today.

Step x Step Guide to Fishing Wet Flies with Davy Wotton (WFS 174)

Davy Wotton is here to break out a step x step guide to getting started fly fishing wet flies.  We break down each step today in a systematic fashion so you know exactly how to fish wet flies like a pro.

Beginners Guide to Nymphing and the Top 17 Euro Nymphing Tips for Trout

We break down the steps to getting started with nymph fishing if you are brand new today on the blog. We also share the top 17 euro nymphing tips from a few of the great comp fly fisherman in the country.

WFS 172 - Fishing the Hiwassee River with Wanda Taylor - Dry Fly Fishing

Wanda Taylor is here to share some great tips on dry fly fishing the Hiwassee River and her life in fly fishing.  Wanda shares her love for drift boats and how she uses a drift boat to get her clients into fish.

WFS 171 - Cortland Line Company with Brooks Robinson - How to Choose a Fly Line, Delaware

Brooks Robinson shares the Cortland Line Company story and how to choose a new fly line whether you are going for trout or tarpon.  We find out how Cortland has been going strong for over 100 years now in the fly fishing space.

WFS 170 - Jerry Darkes on Great Lakes Fly Fishing - Steelhead, Swinging Flies, Switch Rod

Great Lakes Steelhead with a focus on swinging flies is on tap in todays podcast with Jerry Darkes

WFS 169 - Winter Dry Line Steelhead with Adrian Cortes

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Adrian Cortes to dig into dry line steelhead with a focus on winter steelhead.  Adrian is one of the leaders in dry and wet fly fishing without a sinking line.

Fly Fishing Founders - Northern California Fly Fishing with Jared Shakin (WFS 168)

We get the scoop on Northern California Fly Fishing today with Jared Shakin.  Jared is a guide on the Yuba River and a number of other great Nor Cal rivers.  He breaks out some tips on dry fly fishing the Yuba River.

WFS 167 - Kelly Galloup Podcast - How to Dry Fly Fish - Cripples, Spinners, Caddis

Kelly walks us through a year in dry flies with a focus on the Madison River.  Many people don't realize because of his streamer popularity that Kelly was actually a dry fly dude first and wrote the book on Cripple and Spinners. 

WFS 166 - Pete McBride on National Geographic, Martin’s Boat and the Grand Canyon (Drift Boat Series Ep. 1)

We explore the documentary, Martin’s Boat, which sheds light on drift boats in the Grand Canyon and some conservation issues.  If you haven't watched Martin's boat, press pause and head over to youtube and have a view.

WFS 165 - Trout Bum Mentor - Gene Shropshire - Top 6 Dry Flies, Stillwater, Steelhead

This podcast has given me the opportunity to share with you a person who had a big impact on me and has really cool story to share.  We dig into some stillwater tips including the best flies, tips and resources for your next trip.

WFS 164 - Flylords with Jared Zissu

Flylords Founder, Jared Zissu is here to share his fly fishing story

WFS 163 - Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics with James Millard

James Millard is back on the podcast to share the update on Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics and the new products they have out now.  We find out about a new line that you might enjoy checking out and a ultra light trout spey.

WFS 162 - The Drake Magazine with Tom Bie - Scuddlebutt, Tippets, Ask Trask

Tom Bie, editor of the Drake Magazine, is here to share the story of how he got started and how the magazine came to be.  Tom shares the story of how it all goes back to when he was a lifty at the ski resort.

WFS 161 - Tom Morgan Rodsmiths with Joel Doub and Matt Barber - Rod Building Tips, Winston, Quality Craftsmanship

I sat down with Matt Barber and Joel Doub with Tom Morgan Rodsmiths.  We hear about the Tom Morgan story and how after selling Winston, Tom started Tom Morgan Rodsmiths after being diagnosed with MS.

WFS 160 - The Dave Whitlock Podcast - Terrestrials, White River, Fly Fishing Passion

We hear about the impact of Joe Brooks, Lee Wulff, Davy Wotton and others who influenced Dave along the way.  We dig into a little on the White River and focus on some of the terrestrial patterns that Dave has created over the years.