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WFS 139 - Jerry French and the Intruder Revolution - Spey, Steelhead, Aqua Flies, Ed Ward, Skagit

We find out how the intruder drove the lines and rods and how Ed Warn Scott Odonnel and others created the huge change for steelhead fly fisherman.

WFS 138 - Fly Fishing and Tying with Rich Strolis - Streamers, Farmington River, Catching Shadows, Kelly Galloup

Rich Strolis shares his story and how he has become known as one of the big streamer guys.  Rich breaks down how he designs flies and what he thinks about when coming up with new patterns.

WFS 137 - COVID-19 Tips for Fly Fishing Brands with Matt Smythe

COVID-19 Update for Fly Fishing Brands.  Matt Smythe, the communications coordinator for AFFTA,  sheds some light on what AFFTA is doing for fly fishing brands during the corona virus pandemic.  We find out what AFFTA does and how they balance politics

WFS 136 - Steelhead Fly Design History with Joseph Rossano - Sid Glasso, Harry Lemire, Bob Strobel, Alec Jackson, Spey

Joseph Rosano shares the history of steelhead fly design and development as a man who was side by side with some of the biggest names in steelhead history.  Find out how it all developed from Joseph, who was there with all of the big names of the day.

WFS 135 - A River Runs Through It with John Dietsch - Norman Maclean, Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Fly Fishing, Soul

We hear the story behind the story in the movie A River Runs Through It.   Still to this day the greatest fly fishing movie of all time.  John Dietsch was the stunt man for Brad Pitt and lead the fly fishing team that created the fishing scenes in the

My New Show - The Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast Needs Your Help Today

I am announcing the launch of the brand new podcast that I host weekly! The Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast is perfect if you have an outdoor brand or fly fishing brand and want to improve your online influence!

WFS 133 - How to Choose A Fly Rod with Travis Duddles - Gorge Fly Shop, Hood River, Deschutes, Trout Fishing, G Loomis, Echo

Travis Duddles who owns the Gorge Fly Shop describes how to choose a fly rod.  Travis, who opened the fly shop at age 17, shares his story of how he has built a great local fly shop out of Hood River.

WFS 132 - Pebble Mine Update with Jenny Weis - Bristol Bay, Trout Unlimitted, Conservation, Salmon

Jenny Weis provides us an update on the Pebble Mine project and what you can do this week to help protect almost 60 million salmon in one of the most important habitats in the region. We find out why this small project could become a much larger project

Yucatan Fly Fishing with Brian Oakland - Mexico, La Pescadora, Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook

Brian Oakland shares the experience that is fly fishing the Yucatan and La Pescadora in Mexico.  Brian is the founder of Got Fishing and takes you to the water today on the podcast.  This area of Ascension Bay is known for the opportunity to catch the b

WFS 131 - George Cook Podcast - NW Spey History, Steelhead, Chinook Salmon, Sage, Alaskabou, Swinging Flies

George shares some stories about northern California chinook fishing and around the Pacific Rim.  We get into the Deschutes, Oregon Coast and many of the other places and people that have helped define George Cook's career in fly fishing and in hunting.

WFS 130 - Bristol Bay Fly Fishing with Bryce Rushbrook - Kulik Lodge, Coho Salmon, Alaska Guide Life, Katmai National Park

We get some background on Kulik Lodge and Fly Fishing for coho salmon with Bryce Rushbrook.  Bryce tells us what you can do to prepare for a big Alaska trip. We find out how Bryce became a Sweetwater success story and now has a strong guiding background

WFS 129 - FrankenFly with Paul Beel - Carp Fly Fishing and Flies, Monster Dub, Streamers, FrankenFrog

I sat down with Paul Beel from Frankenfly to hear how he built an amazing fly tying resource online and what's next for the other mad scientist we've had on the podcast.  Do you remember who the first was?

Fly Fishing Founders - Monetizing Your Business with Tom Ski - Fly Tying Travel, Trail of Highways, Snowbee, Outdoors Online

I sat down with Tom Ski who has become a good online friend of mine and who talks about a life outdoors in fly fishing and now as an online free lancer for a number of companies including Yamaha.

WFS 127 - Scandi Style Lines with Klaus Frimor - Underhand Spey Casting, Clearwater River, Loop, Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon

Klaus Frimor shares a great perspective on scandi lines and casting (aka underhand casting).  Klaus tells his story about growing up in Denmark and how his connection with Loop came to be.

Fly Fishing Founders - Sage Brush Dry with John Peterka - Dry Bags, Kake Alaska, Basketball

We hear the story of how John Peterka came to own Sage Brush Dry, a great company out of Kake Alaska producing dry bags for hunting and fishing.  Find out how part of the deal when buying the company was for John to become a fly fisher.

WFS 125 - Beginner Fly Tying with Charlie Craven - Charlies Fly Box, Fly Tying Class, Tiny Flies, Brassie

Charlie Craven from Charlie's Fly Box breaks down a perspective of tying flies for a living.  He describes what it takes to make an original pattern and what it means to become a signature fly tyer.

WFS 124 - Giant Tarpon Fly Fishing with Bruce Chard - Florida Keys, Fly Presentation, Tides, Leading Fish

Bruce Chard breaks down Giant Tarpon Fly Fishing today on the podcast.  Bruce is a longtime guide out in the Florida area and shares his best tips and tricks. To be honest, we didn't even come close to covering it all but did go a little deep on some jui

Pyramid Lake Fishing with Denis Isbister - Wild Fish Wild Places TV Show, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Ladder Chair

I sat down with Denis Isbister who is the host of the TV show Wild Fish Wild Places which has been running for 12 years now.   Denis is a Pyramid Lake expert and breaks down the greatness of Pyramid and the monster Lahontan Cutthroat trout that cruise t

WFS 123 - Choosing a Two Handed Fly Rod with Mariusz Wroblewski - Winter Steelhead, Spey Casting, Kamchatku, Echo, Skeena

Winter Steelhead fly fishing with a two-handed rod, the Deschutes, Skeena and Kamchatku in relation to summer and winter steelhead. We also hear about the Wild Salmon Center and where steelhead conservation is heading.

WFS 122 - The Outdoor Biz Podcast with Rick Saez - Adventure, Podcasting, Outdoor Retailer Show, IFTD

I connected with Rick Saez to talk about the Outdoor Biz Podcast and some tips to help you find out more about building a business in the outdoor space.  Rick is helping outdoor adventure businesses get into podcasting through his online courses.