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Craig's Nighttime – classic trout fly tying tutorial

A New Zealand streamer fly for hunting large rainbows and brown trout in the dark hours. I still got mental images of some monster brown trout slamming this large blue fly one night years ago in a secret river somewhere in Norway. Good memories, that always will make this a confidence fly for me. The […]


Skykomish Sunrise

Love this classic beauty that was created as kind of a family team effort, by father and son Ken and George McLeod back in the late 1930’s. Famous Steelhead angler, Trey Combs rated this one of the most important steelhead flies of the century, and he told the story in his book Steelhead: Fly Fishing. […]


Holiday greeting from Michael and Ulla

Dear friends. 2020 is running on fumes. Just saying it has been a strange year, will be the understatement of the decade. But, we are looking forward to a new season with you guys. This year we passed the first 1 million view – and in the coming season we are aiming for the 10.000 […]


How to Cast a Spinning Rod – basic casting tutorial

If you are new to angling, the spinning rod is your easy way into this wonderful outdoor sport. I show you the basic grib and give you my take on how to load the rod properly and get good distance with a minimum of effort. The cast is shown in slow motion as well. This […]


Blueback Herring Jig – classic bucktail jig tying tutorial

Full tying SBS and underwater swimming action of an allround baitfish imitation. When fished the blue, olive and white hair blend nicely and the flashy sideline add to the illusion of a tasty blueback herring, smelt, alewife, ciscoes or other pelagic baitfish. On this one I let the tricolored head influence my choice of colors. […]


How to fish hair jigs – basic angling tips

Introduction to hair jig fishing. Learn my techniques for fishing those classic hair jigs – filmed above and below the surface. This is just an introduction to some of the most versatile techniques for fishing bass, walleye, perch, panfish, trout, zander, pike, musky and an endless list of saltwater species. New videos on special techniques […]


Black Mushroom Marabou Jig – classic hair jig tying tutorial

Black marabou jigs kick started the revival of hair jig fishing. Mainly because Canadian tournament fishermen used this as a secret weapon for years. But the secret got out eventually, and now this is one of the most popular jigs for smallmouth bass, trout, walleye, and perch – and around here it works great for […]


Lefty’s Deceiver

The Deceiver is probably one of the worlds most famous saltwater flies, developed by the master fly caster, fly tier and writer, Lefty Kreh who died just a week ago. Lefty was a great inspiration for me and thousands of other fly fishermen. The Lefty’s Deceiver works equally well for freshwater predators of any species. […]


Figure of eight loop knot – Essential fishing knots

The Figure of eight (8) loop knot is useful for connecting different types of lines and leaders: Fly line to backing – fly line to leader – braided line to mono – and a variety of other everyday angling situations. This is the loop connection I have used for years in fly fishing-, baitcasting- and […]


How to make the Carolina Rig – Basic angling tips

The Carolina Rig is my go-to rig for fishing plastic worms, lizards, creature baits, floating tube baits and a lot of other softbaits on days where I feel the Texas Rig is to aggressive. The free swimming lure on a Carolina Rig can be more tempting, and the enticing noises made from the cone weight […]


Improved Clinch Knot – Essential fishing knots

The Improved Clinch Knot is best known for being a reliable and easy-to-tie connection between monofilament line and lure. Mostly, when I don’t need a loop knot to attach my lure, jig or streamer fly, I use this knot. Furthermore, I use this knot in many of my rigs, that incorporate swivels and other elements. […]


Black'n'Blue Bucktail Jig – classic bucktail jig tying tutorial

Underwater action and full tying SBS of the Black’n’Blue Bucktail Jig. If you fish deep structures, drop-offs and deep weedbeds this color combo is highly visible even in stained water. It’s also a go-to jig for fishing on dark days, at dusk and dawn – and a great cold water pattern. Check out the underwater […]


Summer 2020 – Gone fishing!

Hi guys, just wanna tell you, that Ulla and I are taking a summer break from videouploading. We are going fishing and filming new footage for upcoming films though, and will be back this fall with new videos. Till then: Have a fabulous summer. Thanks a lot for your support Tight lines, Michael You wanna […]


Burnt Orange Booby Fly

Underwater action and full tying SBS on a hot Booby Fly, that effectively mimics the swimming action and profile of large insect larvae, like damselfly-, dragonfly- and hellgrammite larvae. Might also imitate small fish, salamanders or hatching mayflies. Anyway, fish wan’t it, and that’s why you need it too ;0) Thanks for watching Michael Check […]


Fishing with 50 years old ABU tackle – vintage corner

Fishing an old ABU Suecia rod and ABU 503 reel. This is just a sneak peek into a new series of films, where Ulla and I take some vintage tackle fishing. More on this later. Today’s short teaser, is from some of this week’s footage, that should have been about perch fishing. So I was […]


A Dozen Mini jigs and Dog Nobblers

Under water footage of a dozen cool flies swimming in natural lakes and rivers. They are all small jigs, that can be fished on a fly rod or on ultralight spinning tackle. In my opinion they excel fished on a floating line, but if you fish deep lakes or fast streams, a sinking line is […]