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Black and Pearl Perdigon

Black & Pearl Perdigon Perdigons are extremely effective flies, and they’re incredibly durable! They sink like a rock and they’re great for fishing pocket water and Euro-style nymphing. This color combination works great locally, but try some in purple, forest green, chartreuse, and all black as well.


Fly Tying with Hans – Reverse Marabou Trout Tube Fly

Reverse Marabou Trout Tube This is a fantastic trout spey fly, and you can adapt it to whatever your favorite color preferences are for your local water. If you’re swinging flies for trout, this is a fly you don’t want to leave home without!


Fly Tying with Hans – Gypsy King Cranefly

Gypsy King If you’re fishing cranefly adults, this is one pattern you don’t want to be without – we had fantastic luck this year both dead drifting and skittering this pattern.


Buzzer Quill Midge

Buzzer Quill Midge This easy to tie pattern offers the best of both worlds – durability and realism. This is a great fly to fish as a dropper below a terrestrial in the summer, as well as fished as a second fly in a nymph rig.


Mr. Wigglesworth Mop Fly

Mr. Wigglesworth Mop Fly Mop flies have been really popular over the past couple seasons, and for good reason – they catch fish in a wide variety of conditions, and they have great action in the water. This is a variant that uses FNF Predator Worm material rather than mop chenille, which makes it more […]


Fly Tying With Hans- Hot Tag Hare's Ear Jig Nymph

Hot Tag Hare's Ear This is a great lead fly, as well as a dropper under a bigger dry fly. We use this as a point fly in double nymph rigs and catch a ton of fish on it, particularly in higher flows.


Fly Tying with Hans – New Age Pat's Rubber Legs

New Age Pat's Rubber Legs If you’re looking for a great high water fly or a point fly for a Euro Nymph rig, this fly is one you won’t want to be without. Great fly in black, brown, and purple, as well as a lighter Golden Stonefly type yellow color. We got some mileage out […]


Fly Tying with Ryan – Teal & Brown Jig

Teal & Brown Jig While this isn’t the most complicated fly, it’s a good box filler that the fish dig. Brown works great, but black and olive both work great as well. This is a solid all-around nymph for the Black Hills and beyond!


Fly Tying with Ryan – Black Spectra Jig

Spectra Jig Easy to tie, durable fly that just works. Size 14-16 is a good all around size to try, and makes a good nymph in a hopper dropper rig. Larger ones work great for a point fly in a Czech nymph rig, as well as a weight fly under an indicator. Try in a […]


Camel Light Cranefly

Camel Light Cranefly Despite the cigarette filter look, this fly works amazing when there’s craneflies around. Trout love these big bugs, and they’ll go out of their way to eat them typically. Works great both dead drifted and skittered!


Flash Worm

Flash Worm This simple Czech nymph is easy to tie, and the combination of flash and natural dubbing make for a killer fly. Works great in larger sizes as a weight nymph and is a good dropper in sizes 16-18!


Fly Tying with Ryan – Red Butt Pheasant Tail

Red Butt PT Great attractor nymph that works great by itself in larger sizes when the water is higher, as well as a solid weight nymph. You can tie this on a standard nymph hook like the video, or try it on a jig hook as well!


Fly Tying with Ryan – Mop Fly

Mop Fly Hands down the winner of the ugliest fly competition, the Mop Fly has a love/hate following. That being said, there’s no disputing the effectiveness of these strange looking flies. Cream and tan seem to work plenty well, but there’s lots of other options that will work great depending on your fish and conditions. […]


Fly Tying with Ryan – Kaleidoscope Jig

Kaleidoscope Jig Flash, Peacock Herl, and a soft hackle – what’s not to like about this fly? Great attractor nymph and perfect lead fly in a nymph rig. Natural peacock herl is hard to resist for trout!


Killer Quill Mayfly

Killer Quill Mayfly Nymph We call this fly the Killer Quill, and for good reason – when fish aren’t eating anything else, they dig skinny mayfly patterns. Super simple & effective pattern, plus it’s a quick tie. If you have picky fish eating little mayfly nymphs, this is a pattern to definitely have in your […]


Fly Tying with Ryan – Body Glass Dip

Body Glass Dip This is an awesome dropper pattern, especially for pickier tailwater fish. The original 3 Dollar Dip works great, but the Body Glass gives it some added durability and translucence. Brown seems to work as good as anything else, but Body Glass comes in a ton of colors, so don’t be afraid to […]


Fly Tying with Ryan – Krystal Perdigon

Krystal Perdigon These simple flies are incredibly durable and sink like a rock. Great on a Czech Nymph rig, as well as general purpose nymphing. We like them below a terrestrial pattern in the summer a lot as well!