Indlæg af fly with us

Flytying the Gamechanger

Streamer for pike, perch and trout.

Red Tag Parachute

Tying the Red Tag Parachute, an excellent dryfly for trout and…

Flytying: Kleiner Willi

Nymph for trout and grayling

Rattlin Flap

Streamer fly for trout fishing.

SWISSLINE - Swiss Flytying Materials

Fliegenbinde Materialien. Beste Qualität aus der Schweiz. Best…

Montage Steelhead Tube

How to rig a steelhead tube

Loops on Shooting Heads

Loops on Shooting Heads

Loops on Airflo's T-Tips

Loops on T-Tips.

Hecht Fliegenfischen in Rügen

Hechtfischen in Rügen 2014 mit Bernd Ziesche.

Tying the Playboy Streamer

Streamer Bindevideo.