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Fly Tying a Pheasant Tail Nymph

An indispensable Nymph! A fly every Fly Fishing Angler should…

Fly Tying a Blue Wing Olive, Dry Fly

A Fly everyone should have in their arsenal!

Fly Tying a Chernobyl Ant An awesome Trout/Panfish/Bass…

How to tie a Peacock Midge, Dry Fly

A fantastic Fish catching, easy to tie, Midge pattern!

Prince Nymph

An awesome Fish catching Fly!

Wooly Bugger

A classic streamer pattern!

Wooly Worm (Wet Fly)

A very buggy and "wooly" Fly

Elk Hair Caddis

A very nice classic dry fly! Perfect imitation for a light colored…

Adams Dry Fly

Michigan Dry Fly. Adams, Created by Leonard Halladay for Mr.…

Borchers Special

A really great Dry Fly pattern! God Bless!!! And thanks for …

Adams Dry Fly

Dry Fly Bliss!

Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph

A classic Nymph pattern, A fly that doesn't resemble any certain…

Black Fur Ant (Dry Fly)

A really good terrestrial pattern. God Bless, and thanks for…

Deer Fly

Michigan Dry Fly. Created by Bob Smock (1927-2005) from Grayling…

Griffith's Gnat

A classic Dry Fly. Made famous by George Griffith, a founding…

Woodchuck Caddis (Dry Fly)

A fantastic dark Caddis imitator!

Black Gnat Midge (Dry Fly)

A fantastic midge pattern! God Bless!!! And thanks for watching!!! Fly…