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Into The Backing Ep. 3: Is Catch and Release Fishing Selfish?

My guests today include big game specialist and Sportfishing captain Vic Levett, Australian fishing guide Justin Duggan, and steelhead guide and photographer Adrienne Comeau, who also just happens to be a life-long vegetarian. In this episode of Into the

Anchored Podcast Ep. 162: Trout Bumming With Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson is probably best known for his appearances on The Trout Bum Diaries, GeoBass and, most recently, on the Fish or Die series on Animal Planet. Jay has a complex story, which he shares during this heart-warming episode. Be sure to also check out

Anchored Podcast Ep. 161: Talking Taxidermy with Jenna McRae

Jenna McRae is somewhat new to taxidermy, but she is full of passion and talent. Although she has only been practicing for a year and a half, she has a natural ability for the craft and her artistic talent shows in her work. In this episode of Anchored I

Ep. 2: Can Fishing Be Too Easy?

My guests today are renowned angler and Master caster Peter Morse, professional photographer and avid angler David Anderson, and guide and entrepreneur Josh Hutchins. We start off this series with some light-hearted discussion about whether or not there

Ep. 1: Into The Backing, A Roundtable Forum Discussing Hot Topics in the Outdoors

We’ve got all sorts of discussion coming your way in this monthly series. Between pro-hatchery and anti-hatchery biologists, social media influencers and old-school industry types, catch and release anglers and meat hunters… We’re putting some hot t

Ep. 160: Kimi Werner on Motherhood, Freediving, and Spearfishing

Kimi Werner is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. Born and raised in Hawaii, Kimi’s accomplishments are nothing short of impressive: certified chef, award winning artist, motivational speaker and even the United States National Spearfish

Ep. 159: Instagram Troll Or Activist? An Interview With Copper Plated Sixes

Over the last few years, a surprising amount of troll accounts have emerged on social media platforms. While some are humorous and light-hearted, others thrive on the mistakes and misfortune of others. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with the pers

Ep. 158: Erin Block on Hunting for Food

Erin Block works as a librarian and freelance writer. She is the author of countless articles and 2 books including, The View from Coal Creek and By a Thread. But of course, Erin is more than that, she is an angler, hunter, and forager. In this episode, w

Ep. 157: Brita Fordice on Fly-Tying

Brita Fordice started tying flies as a kid. Born and raised in Washington state, she grew up fishing for trout, salmon and steelhead. Brita is an accomplished angler and guide in Puget Sound, where her custom patterns are well-known for their appeal to sa

Ep. 156: Hoagy Carmichael on Bamboo Rods

Hoagy Carmichael is a producer, director, author and bamboo rod builder. Growing up as the son of one of America’s most cherished songwriters, Hoagy is no stranger to the pressures of passing on legacies. In 1968, he met bamboo rod builder Edmund Evere

Into the Backing

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Ep. 155: Andy Danylchuk and Sascha Clark Danylchuk on Keepemwet

Keep Them Wet Fishing is a science-based movement that encourages anglers to focus on their fish handling practises while catch-and-release angling. With an emphasis on minimising air exposure, eliminating contact with dry surfaces, and reducing handling,

Ep. 154: Chris Wittman and Daniel Andrews on Captains for Clean Water

Captains For Clean Water started out as a group of fishing guides who were fed up with Florida’s water management practices. The organisation advocates for the elimination of harmful, large-scale freshwater discharges from Lake Okeechobee to the east a

Ep. 153: Kirk Deeter on the Fly Fishing Industry

Kirk Deeter is the vice president of media at Trout Unlimited and the editor of TROUT Magazine. He’s also an editor-at-large for Field & Stream and the editor-in-chief of Angling Trade. To say he’s busy is an understatement. The workload isn’t new t

Ep. 152: Daniel Galhardo on Tenkara Fishing

Daniel Galhardo was born in Brazil, but came to the States as an exchange student, where he fell in love with trout fishing. When Daniel accidentally stumbled on the topic of Tenkara fishing, he was immediately intrigued. Tenkara is an old form of fly-fis

Ep. 151: Josh Niland on the Whole Fish

Josh Niland is quite possibly the hottest chef on the scene right now. Owner of the Saint Peter restaurant and fish butchery in Sydney, he has risen to fame for using of an average 91% of every fish he buys. This September, Josh released his “Whole Fish

Ep. 150: Meredith McCord Part Two

Meredith McCord is a keen angler, professional trip host, and world traveler. Today she holds 180 records through the IGFA, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Meredith has worked her entire career to make it so that she can fish as often as possible.

Ep. 149: Meredith McCord Part One

Meredith McCord is a keen angler, professional trip host, and world traveler. Today she holds 180 records through the IGFA, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Meredith has worked her entire career to make it so that she can fish as often as possible.

Ep. 148: Land Tawney on BHA

Land Tawney is the President and CEO of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. The organisation is a non-profit sportsmen's group based in Montana.  In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Land to get a better understanding of what he and BHA do. We disc

Ep. 147: A Conversation with John Gierach

John Gierach is one of the most iconic fishing writers of all time. Having published 20 books and countless articles, it’s been said that John may be the only fly fishing writer who’s made a decent living at the craft. It’s not hard to believe—Joh

Ep. 146: Ben Bulis and Matt Smythe on AFFTA

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) is the sole trade organisation for the fly fishing industry. Over the years, AFFTA has worked hard to grow the industry, all while balancing the tricky task of sustainability and diversification.   In t