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Hatching Midge

“big bait = big fish” is well known phrase and is often right…. but sometimes it is proved wrong, and even the biggest trouts of the stream and lake can go super-selective and focus on the smallest insects like midges or mosquitos… In this video we have Håkan Karsnäser behind the vice tying this small […]


The Black Coachman (Dry Fly Variant)

One more variant of the all-time classic Royal Coachman dry fly, this black version is easy to tie and can be an effective pattern for various dark mayfly duns or simply fished as an attractor pattern. Hook: #12-14 dry fly Thread: Black Tail: Pheasant tippets (Golden or Lady Amherst) Body: Peacock herl Mid-body: Black floss […]


Sculpzilla Fly Tying Tutorial: World’s Best Streamer?

An excellent sculpin imitation, the Sculpzilla has movement that brings up the lunkers. SUBSCRIBE for more Fly Tying videos: bit.ly/trident-subscribe Combining a realistic profile with a ton of natural movement, the Sculpzilla is a heavy fly that you can rely on whenever you need to get deep and connect with heavy fish. Brown trout to […]


Lightning Bug Nymph

SUBSCRIBE for more Fly Tying videos: bit.ly/trident-subscribe All these materials are available from: bit.ly/trident-tying 📜Recipe: Got Questions? support@tridentflyfishing.com ~~ FOLLOW US: 📷Instagram: bit.ly/trident-instagram 💼Facebook: bit.ly/trident-facebook 💻Website: bit.ly/trident-website


Fly Tying The Tango Rib Shrimp

Hi Folks and welcome to my Channel, I hope you enjoy your stay and learn something new. Hook – Troutline E320 BL 12 Rib -Textreme FL Orange Floss Body – Troutline Spike Dubbing Natural Wire – UTC Olive Small Shell – Sybai Magic Strips Thread – Textreme 8/0 Black Resin – Gulff Thinman Troutline Products […]


Golden Retrieverish

Detailed instructions for tying a variation of Jim Finn’s Golden Retriever fly. Check out these great streamer tactics for trout from The New Fly Fisher – youtu.be/7jmqTi81X44 and this video of fishing jighead streamers with the Jensens: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lElImHfvP10 Subscribe to all our videos: www.youtube.com/user/tightlinevideo Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tightline-Productions-313234707736/ Visit our website: www.tightlinevideo.com @The New […]


Joe’s Mini Crayfish

Joe’s Mini Crayfish Blog-Post & Recipe: How to tie Joe’s Mini Crayfish Joe’s Mini Crayfish Ingredients List: Hook – Wapsi Super Jig Heads Plain (Sizes 6, 8, 10) www.avidmax.com/wapsi-super-jig-heads-plain/ Thread – UNI Waxed Thread (6/0 Camel) www.avidmax.com/uni-waxed-thread/ Weight – Hareline Lead Wire Spool (0.025) www.avidmax.com/hareline-lead-wire-spool/ Antenna – Wapsi Nymph Sili Legs (Pumpkin Solid) www.avidmax.com/wapsi-nymph-sili-legs/ Antennule […]


Magic Cutthroat Gobius

Baitfish is one of the most important food-sources for trouts with an aim to grow big… and nothing can fool a big and agressive trout than a natural swimming fly that imitates its natural prey. In this video we have teamed up with skilled flyfisher – and tier – Rasmus Pabst Ovesen, demonstrating his favorite […]


Fly Tying the Rubber Rabbit (Bass Zonker Streamer)

From the Federation of Fly Fishers Pattern Encyclopedia, this easy-to-tie meaty streamer can be tied in a variety of colors for your favorite big warmwater species. Hook: #6, 2x-3x long streamer Bead: Gold or silver cone Weight: 0.020″ (optional) Thread: Color to match the body Tail: Rabbit zonker strip Body: Rabbit zonker, wrapped Collar: Rubber […]


Overhand Worm – Easiest fly to tie!

This video is intended to help with Scouting BSA and the Fly Fishing Merit badge. This is an easy fly to tie that requires no special fly tying equipment and no special materials…just a hook and some chenile or yarn. The fly came to my attention from Chris Stewart and here is a link to […]


Two Tone Blobs

Material List;; Hook size 10 Wide Gap ,, Thread Red 8/0 ,, Body Hot Orange & Sunburst Yellow Fritz


Hogans Hot Butt Zonker

Developed as an attractor pattern to resemble Chinook smolt, this fly can be fished as a streamer, swung with a trout spey setup, or even dead d rifted. Best of all, it comes together quickly so you won’t be crushed if one hangs up on a rock. Hook: Ahrex TP650 #2 Bead: 5.5mm Hot Orange […]


Fliegenfischen auf MONSTER HECHTE

Fliegenfischen auf Hecht wird immer beliebter in Deutschland! Seit einigen Jahren fahren wir extra dafür zum Hecht Fliegenfischen nach Rügen: Da hier die Landschaft- als auch die Fänge oft besonders spektakulär sind! Auf einer unserer letzten Hecht-Guiding Touren auf Rügen, haben unsere Gäste dabei den Vogel komplett abgeschossen und einen wahren Monster Hecht mit der […]


Fly Tying- How to tie a Posh Wooly Bugger

The days are short but there is still opportunity to get to a river or a Stillwater and get some fishing in. As far as Stillwater fishing goes now is the time to get out the big guns. Snakes and Zonkers will serve you well but the good old Wooly Bugger should not be forgotten. […]


Prins Valliant

The season for the more colorful flies for chasing sea-run browns around the coastlines of scandinavia has started as the water temperatur has dropped. A white or pink coloured fly is allways a popular choise, and in this video we have placed Mathias “Krølle” Ibsen behind the vice and asked him to tie one of […]