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How to Listen to the Trout

It pays to listen to what the fish are telling you. We were hard set on filming a “how to nymph broken rock runs” video when the rainbows decided we would have to film a “listen to the trout” video as, when presenting a double nymph rig with an indicator they… well… started eating the […]


Fly Tying the Red Dart

Submitted by Darrell Goad, the Red Dart was created with simple materials (most can be picked up at craft stores). The predominant feature is the red tail but you could easily vary the colors for the body and front hackle. An effective fly pattern for trout but could certainly be productive with smallmouth bass or […]


Fly Tying a CDC Ant

A lovely little pattern, that is tied with only one CDC puff and a few turns of hackle. A quick and easy pattern for the most important terrestrial, no matter where you live, that will float all day long! Tie it also with a red CDC puff or a combination of red and black for […]


Micro Chubby Chernobyl

The Micro Chubby Chernobyl is a fantastic attractor dry fly. This downsized version of the popular Chubby Chernobyl is perfect for smaller streams or for fish that have seen too many of the larger version. Choosing the correct hook for tying the Micro Chubby Chernobyl is important to preserve the hook gap. We like the […]


The Ruelland Special

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the video & consider leaving a comment or subscribing. Click “SHOW MORE” below for Fly Details & Information. Materials Hook: Daiichi 2161 Thread: Danville’s Fly Master 6/0 Tag: Gold XS Oval Tinsel Tail: Flo Green Hackle Fibers Body: Green Mylar Rib: Black Floss Wing: Black American Opossum Hackle: […]


Fly Tying the Sand Fly

Created by Herb Butler (circa 1940-50s) from the Pacific Northwest, this is a general searching nymph pattern. While varying the colors would make it something other than a Sand Fly, this general style of nymph can be used to create any number of effective patterns. Hook: #10-18 nymph Thread: Black Tail: White marabout Rib: Yellow […]


How to fish Dry Flies, Trout Feeding Window, Leader Setup

Index Introduction 0:00:00 Tying a Bibio Hopper 0:01:00 The Feeding Window of the trout 0:14:32 Tying the Big Red 0:20:53 Leader Setup Options & Tippet 0:40:09 Tying the Bob’s Bits 0:51:49 Tips & Tricks 0:57:15 A few guys have asked about the headgear there is a review on that here youtu.be/Uvvp69XbkdQ All you need to […]


Fly Tying a Pheasant and Orange (from Craft Store Materials)

Kind of a poor man’s version of a Partridge and Orange old North Country Spider type pattern, this is tied with two materials I picked up at a craft store: orange synthetic yarn for dubbing and a pheasant body feather for the hackle. Hook: #12-16 wet fly Thread: Black (or orange) Body: Synthetic yarn DIY […]


Tying The Cluster Midge Jig with Kelly Galloup

In this video, Kelly will tie the first of three dry flies he has been working on over the last couple of years that are tied on Jig Hooks. While we thought this was an entirely new concept it seems that Nick Thomas of South Wales beat him to the punch over 5 years ago […]


Fly Tying, How to tie the Pimped Hares Ear.

Hook – Hanak H260 BL #12 Thread – Semperfli Nano Silk 12/0 Black Tail – Hares Mask Body – UTC Opel Mirage Rib – Hares Ear caught in a dubbing loop Thorax – Hares Mask Thorax Cover – Pheasant Tail Hares Ear’s are a much loved pattern utilised by both river and Stillwater anglers alike. […]


Fly Tying the March Brown Flymph (Simple Flies Series)

One of the flymphs created by Pete Hidy, it is not quite a nymph or a dry fly. This pattern can be fished as a dry but is typically most effective just under the surface. Tie it with our without a gold rib. Hook: #12-16 wet fly Thread: Red Tail: Brown hackle fibers Body: Hare’s […]