Fly Tying with Hans- Shuttlecock Buzzer

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Off the Grid with Jim Klug- Ssn. 7, Ep. 4

Jim Klug is the owner of Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Outfitters and an excellent angler. His stories of world travel are some of the best, and you absolutely can't miss learning who wins the tug of war between a school of piranhas and a Brazilian guide.

Fly Tying with Hans- Pearl Core Cased Caddis

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Return to Alaska with Miles Nolte - Ssn. 7, Ep. 3

Miles Nolte is the editor of "The Alaska Chronicles" and the Fishing Editor for Gray's Sporting Journal. His descriptions on the behind-the-scenes activities at an Alaskan lodge are as hilarious as they are intriguing.

April Vokey Will Survive - Ssn. 7, Ep. 2

April Vokey has gone from relative obscurity to near-ubiquity in less than five years, but her passion for steelhead and fly fishing remains undiminished. Check in and listen to her self-reflections, her passions, and her dreams.

Tying with Hans- Czeched Out Hare's Ear

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Tying with Hans- Chewee Bloodworm

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Fly Tying with Hans- RS2

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Full Circle with Rick Pope - Ssn. 7, Ep. 1

Rick Pope is the owner of Temple Fork Outfitters and one of the most knowledgeable people anywhere about the business of fly fishing. His company has not only succeeded in hard times, it's reshaped the entire industry.