Ed Engle tying a Stillborn Midge

Ed Engle tying at Anglers Covey for the Autumn Splendor. Ed…
Drømmefiskeri - Johnny JensenRedaktionen


Johnny Jensen har gennem mere end femogtyve år rejst over 150…


atlantic salmon reserve kharlovka, rynda, litza. salmon fishing…

Euronymphing with Randy Hanner - Ssn. 5, Ep. 14

Missourian Randy Hanner is a Fly Fishing Team USA member who's seen it all; don't miss his informative break-down of the secrets of European anglers.

Access, Conservation and the Future with TU CEO Chris Wood - Ssn. 5, Ep. 13

Trout Unlimited CEO Chris Wood addresses the "Holy War" over access, as well as the ongoing fight in Washington to preserve clean water for trout--and our future.

A Laker Day

John Gordon and I go out to Catamount Reservoir to catch some…
Fly-Fishing for Pike - David Wolsoncroft-Dodds

Fly-Fishing for Pike

Også i Storbritannien er fluefiskeri efter gedder i fremgang.…