The Midas Touch with Jim Murphy - Ssn. 3, Ep. 8

Jim Murphy founded Redington and Albright Tackle, and today is President of Hardy North America. Listen to his insightful and uncommonly candid commentary on foreign manufacture, outsourcing, and fly-fishing product design and distribution.

Fluefiske etter laks

Glimrende ny bog af Øystein Aas...

Predatory Trout with Kelly Galloup - Ssn. 3, Ep. 7

Kelly Galloup is the inventor--or at least the compiler--of modern trophy trout streamer fishing.

At være eller ikke være - med guide

Hvorfor vælger flere og flere at benytte sig af en guide, når…

The Keys with Will Benson - Ssn. 3, Ep. 6

The hottest young guide in the Keys won't claim the title--but you can hear his experience with every statement.